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Gee, Your Hair Smells Like Royal Jelly

Posted on: November 11, 2009

Woe is me of the six times a week blow dry!

But I’ve found some help for fried hair…


Help is on the way!!

L’Oreal Elseve with Royal Jelly!!

The products in the picture say Elvive because that’s how it’s marketed in Europe. In Asia it’s Elseve. But who cares what it’s called because if Penelope Cruz says it’s good, it MUST be!

Anyway, in my desperation to find a cost effective way to nourish my long-suffering locks, I decided to try yes another consumer product – but this one works, I swear!

I bought the whole bloody line hahaha 🙂
I have the shampoo, conditioner, mask and overnight serum. (I don’t have whatever it is that’s second from the left in the picture. They don’t sell it here).

My hair is still not as “viriginal” as I’d like but it is far softer, more manageable and more elastic. Seriously, it doesn’t feel as brittle.

So what’s in Royal Jelly that it can work this magic on out tresses?

It’s made of water, proteins, sugars, fats, vitamins, salts etc. In other words, everything good enough to feed the Queen Bee who is the biggest and only fertile broad in the hive.

Do note however, that royal jelly is listed towards the end of the ingredients list which means there’s not a lot of it in there compared to other ingredients. But hey, the stuff works…


5 Responses to "Gee, Your Hair Smells Like Royal Jelly"

I see these in the supermarket and have always wondered about them. I shall try them to calm my troubled hair!

now how stupid is this post compared to the one before it??
i just had to sh-hair…

I beg to disagree! We gotta look good if we’re gonna save the world! And the hair is a good place to start…

wee, i love this line. i use it too! it really makes my hair so nice a fluffy (as compared, sadly, to my usual organic choices)

nice and fluffy pala.

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