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Changing Loyalties (Is Like Changing Underwear)

Posted on: November 11, 2009

Sometimes you get so used to things, you don’t realize your comfort zone isn’t so comfortable anymore. Why fix it if it ain’t broke, right?

For years, nay, decades! I have been loyal to…


But during a late afternoon stroll at the mall this weekend, I somehow decided to enter a store that I’d seen before but never really bothered with…


And to my pleasant surprise, it was quite affordable (P1,495 for 5 panties!), had cooler styles and best of all was waaaay more comfy. The fact is, when you buy undies, you take a risk but soon as I got home and tried on the goodies, I realized it was the end of an era – and the beginning of a great one!

And since there is no way I would model (and post!) my great buys for you, we can leave that to the pros. Here are some of the ones I bought…


Also got to try on some brassieres – lovely!! Heavenly fit… comfy… sexy… I gotta go back there.

And yes, LittleTwinCoach is very pleased.


2 Responses to "Changing Loyalties (Is Like Changing Underwear)"

Oooh lala! Take me there when I go home to visit…And if you like, Ill model it for you. Hahahahaha! And scare y’all away.

Let me know if they are durable. That’s my number one req for under garments. The laundry machines in my building have been munching on my undies. Some have mysteriously disappeared! Do you think I have a stalker? Whatever!

I wonder if you can dig up the logo of St. Michael’s and what was the name of the HK store our Little Twinmoms used to send our dad’s to buy our St. Michael’s undies on their business trips? Our poor dads! Was it Dodwell?

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