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20 Years Later

Posted on: November 8, 2009

20 years ago this happened.


I remember watching this in the news and wanting to go to Berlin to knock off a piece of that wall.  Now I am curious to know how much would a tiny piece of concrete from that now non-existent wall be worth.  To commemorate this historic event, the New York Times has an interactive feature of the Berlin Wall. Here are some amazing before and after pictures that I grabbed.


The cobble stone column outlines where the wall once stood




...and now.




...and now.


Brandenburg Gate then...


Refurbished Brandenburg Gate now a thruway.

Do you think that the Germans from our generation look back at that moment with the same same mixed feelings as we do EDSA?


1 Response to "20 Years Later"

Oh you bet they do.
I remember this – gad! was it really 20 years ago??

I DID go to the GERMAN Swiss International School so it was a HUGE deal in school. Though I have to admit it didn’t touch me one iota the way EDSA did… Great pics – thanks for sharing!

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