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Following Bad Banana

Posted on: November 4, 2009

I’ve been following this guy called Bad Banana (Ooh, tell me more, tell me more!). He is the founder of some ad agency in Nebraska (Nebrask-huh?!).  Apart from his witty, bordering on hilarious tweets, he has a really cool blog.  Being an ad man, he has access to all kinds of visual treasures (art, architecture, ads, etc.), which he shares with all in cyberspace.  Here is a sample.

This is a really cute wedding invitation.


Check out this very clever ad.  Being an “accident” myself, this simple statement really makes me laugh!


This is a brilliant print campaign for Monopoly, which I think you will like.




He also features artists and their amazing works.  Here are some I found interesting. This series is called Broken Things by a Chilean artist called Livia Marin.




These are street art recently taken in Tehran.  I guess they resorted to this form of expression as a result of extreme censorship and repression.



There are many more interesting photos in his blog so check it out and be entertained.  You can also follow him on Twitter.  His tweets are very entertaining as well.


4 Responses to "Following Bad Banana"

I love the wedding invite!!
Soooo wish mine was like that hahaha ;p
Too leyt tsokoleyt!

this is cool! i’ll add this to my list of blogs 🙂

Happy birthday, Flower! Text you yesterday. Hope you had a great birthday…wish I were there.

best wedding invite.

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