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Caddie Woodlawn

Posted on: November 3, 2009

As you know, I am trying to get Rocio off the crappy offerings tv has these days. Especially that of The Worst Celebrity Influence of 2009.

So we were in the bookstore a few weeks ago and strangely, she picked out this book.

I was so surprised because it wasn’t the usual shiny, trendy, ultra colorful kind of tome she’d normally pluck off the shelves. She simply said she remembered seeing it in the library at school. I started to read it to her and she was hooked.

Caddie Woodlawn is the title character inspired by the author’s grandmother who was actually called, Caddie Woodhouse. The story is set in the 1860s and centers around the tomboyish 11 year old and her pioneering family in Wisconsin. I’d never heard about this book before. I was very much a Little House In The Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder kind of kid. But Caddie Woodlawn was written before Little House and it apparently won the Newbery Award in 1936. (Laura just got more famous thanks to the TV series).

How my pop music-loving, rock star-idolizing 6 year old is so into this story about a girl from another time who is fascinated by Native Indians, runs wild and free in the woods picking berries and hazelnuts, gets around in a canoe, wrestles with the school bully and can’t relate to her prim and proper older sister is a pleasant development. Not just that she is intrigued by the content but that she never complains there are no pictures to go with the story.

I do have to stop once in awhile to explain in more contemporary language about what’s going on but we’ve been averaging a chapter or two a day and it’s become something she (and I!) look forward to. Who knew?

Oh and if you’re ever in Dunn County, Wisconsin, Caddie’s 1856 house is still standing. It’s been moved from it’s original location but you can visit it at what is now the Caddie Woodlawn Historical Park.



3 Responses to "Caddie Woodlawn"

I am so proud of our pop-star obsessed little girl! I am also amuzed that she first saw the book in her school library. And who said that school was weird?! After reading, do you think you can lend it to Little TwinXill? She needs to read a few books or two..or ten!

Please tell Cio that Ninang is so happy that she is reading these great books. Ill be happy to bring her some when I go home to visit.

I will definitely tell her.
And I will browse Amazon for some more good books 🙂
Thanks, Ninang!

wee, you might like the blog of crisann and nikka (candy’s friends). they also took on the twinpopsis format (bida), as a way for them to share their mommy stories.

they seem to have lotsa cool offbeat books & vids for kids. chickitout.

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