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Posted on: November 2, 2009

Look at me trying to make up for the past weeks’ inactivity!

A few weeks ago, I ate at Lusso with LittleTwinHK-er. It was actually my second visit to the place but this time, I remembered to bring a camera!

Lusso is Margarita Fores’ newest resto and the concept this simple – it’s a champagne bar that offers luxe comfort food in Greenbelt 5.

It’s a tiny space with champagne colored seats, travertine walls and chandeliers. I thought it was cozy and not overdone.



There's an outdoor area but it is just way to hot to be there when the sun is out.


The menu is printed from an inkjet on unassuming bits of paper – a reminder perhaps that the food here may be luxe but it’s not pretentious.


So we started with an amazing appetizer of salmon tartare on fried bits of pasta. Sorry, I can’t remember what it was called on the menu.


These tasted as delightful and refreshing as they look. But we couldn’t help feeling there should have been more on the platter considering the price.

Next we dove into their Cesar’s Salad which I forgot to take a picture of. Such things happen when catching up with an old friend. It was a good salad – tangier than the usual Cesar’s but one order was good enough for the two of us.

Our main course was Lusso’s undisputed best seller. The Half-Pound Foie Gras Burger!



We halved an order and it was more than satisfying. I didn’t actually see a separate piece of foie gras but I could taste it so I think it was worked into the patty somehow. It needed no condiments whatsoever. And the side of fries with Asiago cream was perfect. It was all so rich but I had no problems polishing off everything on my plate – greens included.

The best dessert at Lusso is the Berry Trifle which I got to try on my first visit but it wasn’t available this time so we went for the Mocha Sans Rival.


It was a bit too sweet, especially for LittleTwinHK-er who is diabetic. But honestly, with it just sitting there in front of us, we just kept picking at it and it shrank considerably in size as we were chatting.

We spent about 1k each and left with very satisfied stomachs but I still felt I should have gotten more bang for my buck. I can’t explain it but I was still bitin. I liked the place and the food but it’s not where I’d go all the time because I know I could get a lot fuller by spending less elsewhere. And it’s certainly not a place to bring big hungry boys who demand rice and copious amounts of everything else.

It’s a place to go with the girls. So when you coming home?


3 Responses to "Lusso"

Oh my, Lala! Im feeling the pressure now! I would love to try Lusso. That foie gras burger looks devilishly good! Did you ladies have some champagne?

Ill be home sooner than you think : )

no, we did not champagne it…
are you trying to tell me you’ll be home for thanksgiving?

well my passport is on its way there to get renewed so there is no way for me to be home by thanksgiving. Grrr…

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