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Posted on: November 1, 2009

I was thrilled to be at LittleTwinFurnitureMaker’s sale last weekend. There weren’t too many folks when I got there on the Saturday morning. Apparently – as in past E.Murio sales – the Friday teeming with people.

I went fantasy shopping and here’s what I got. Apologies for the less than stellar photo quality.

Totally loved this bed. It’s sleek and simple but has a tropical, resort-y flair to it.


These nesting side tables were cute too. They’re sold separately but I think they look better together. I’m a fan of the lamp too.


These dainty little tables reminded me of origami…


Here’s the mommy version of the little tables…


Can you tell I’m drawn to the dark-stained crushed bamboo stuff?

Moving on…
Check out this loooooong bench/sofa/lounger… We need a beach house for this baby, ya think?


And this unique “surfboard” coffee table…


Back to the crushed bamboo, look at this bathroom caddy. Totally something I need for all my girly accoutrements. But sadly my bathroom lacks the space.


I was attracted to this writing table and matching chair because of their versatility. I can picture them in a house with western decor but also in a space full of orientalia.


The U-shaped bade of this dining table is so nice and airy somehow…

This simple baul is made fresh with a lighter stain of crushed bamboo. Love it!

So there… a quick look at my fave things from the sale. Would you like us to ship you anything?


2 Responses to "Fine Furniture"

Nice! I love the new table bases. Thanks for posting this. I was really very curious to see their new pieces. Our beach house is not an impossible dream. Declare it and the universe will conspire to make it happen!

i should’ve taken more pics – they had really lovely cabinets too…

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