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Costuming Without Cost

Posted on: November 1, 2009

I was determined to do this Halloween without spending a centavo – and I must say, I succeeded. Thanks not so much to my creativity but to Rocio’s choice of character and Mikel’s inability to verbally protest.

Rocio just HAD to be Hermione Granger and there was no way I was shelling out for some Hogwarts robe that she’d never use again. So I whipped out my white Giordano blouse, Luigi’s black linen Giordano polo and a gold and red tie he never uses. Then I googled the Hogwarts patch, printed it out on sticker paper, cut it out and viola! Like magic…


The magic wand she’s holding is an old wooden chopstick she found in the kitchen. She also slept with braids the night before and once in full costume, started speaking with a British accent. Emote!!

Now for my little boy. This was a great suggestion by you (clap, clap). Mikel doesn’t have a grey onesie so I used his blue/brown pinstriped one, googled a spider image, printed it on sticker paper and stuck it on the onesie. But the real fun was his hair and make up. Thanks to the long locks I’ve kept on him, it was easy to part in the center and hold in place with his Pappy’s sculpting wax. Then I used my eyeliner brush and Benefit creaseless cream shadow/liner in a smoky shade to draw on his mustache and eyebrows – while he was napping. (Re-touching was trickier but he was co-operative overall). Presenting Pubert Addams…


Pubert got a tan...

I don’t normally post faces of their pics on the blog… but he’s almost unrecognizable! Hahaha 🙂

Now it’s your turn to tell me about your Halloween, Kiki!


3 Responses to "Costuming Without Cost"

very cute!

question is: why does your hub have a gold and red tie!?!? hahaha!

I love it! It’s not only cheaper to put old things together for a costume, its fun-ner too! Kimkim is priceless. I have to seek permission first before I show and tell you about my halloween…twas a blast!

twin – i have noooo idea where he got it hahaha 🙂 but at least it has served a purpose now.

kiki – yeah it’s far more satisfying to put it all together. i need to make like a true waldorf mommy and get crafty.

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