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Show Me The Money!!

Posted on: October 30, 2009

Dear Kiki and Donors,

I do apologize for the delay…
Finally, here is the story of where all your generous contributions for the flood victims in Rizal province went exactly.

Kiki sent me $350…
…which as you can see came to P14,444.09.

LittleTwinBokal also gave me another P3,000 from a LittleTwinTita so I had a total of P17,444.09 to use! That is NOT bad for a LittleTwinBlog such as ours.

I gave P7,000 to LittleTwinBokal’s office to cover the cost of gasoline for the van and to buy rice.
So P17,444.09 – P7,000.00 left me with P10,444.09 to shop for relief goods!

I went to two supermarkets.
In Makati Supermarket, I spent…


The items on this bill included approximately:

– 60 instant noodles cup
– 100 cans of sardines
– 44 toothbrushes
– 30 packs of biscuits
– 10 packs of toothpaste sachets
– 50 bars of soap
– 6 packs of diapers


The bag boy got creative at the checkout counter.

There were no small bottles of water in Makati Supermarket so I headed to S&R.
My total bill there was… P4,366.45


And with that I was able to buy:

– 210 bottles of water (350ml each)
– 100 cans sardines
– 84 noodle packs
– 102 tetra packs of milk (110ml each)

And when we put all that together… this is what it looked like…

So thank you once again to our donors – you know who you fabulous people are! – for opening your hearts and pockets for the people of Rizal province. As you can see, a little can go a long, long way.

Rizal is still recovering from this disaster, there is still a lot of work to do and we hope you can help us help the people there.

Maraming salamat, po!


2 Responses to "Show Me The Money!!"

Well done, Lala! You are right, a little definitely goes a long long way. Thanks again to our superstar donors!

It was a really fun trip to the grocery – not a chore at all 🙂

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