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Coast To Coast Chris

Posted on: October 29, 2009

His name is Chris and in these last 30+ days he’s been doing something extraordinary.  He joined a group of cyclists to ride across America.  They started in September, in Santa Barbara, CA and will bike all the way to Charleston, SC all in 40 days, covering an average of 90+ miles per day! Pretty amazing, don’t you think?


Well it doesn’t end there.  He chose to make this “pilgrimage” a meaningful one. Recognizing the fact that he is a superstar in Twitter and the in blogosphere (I’ve linked his resume above. He’s a web 2.0 God) he decided to make this journey interactive. How?  If you are part of some charity or a non-profit org and would like to create a buzz about your cause, you can print your logo on a jersey and he will wear it on his 40 day trip.  He will also feature your cause on a tweet to his 1 million and growing followers.  He will do the same for for-profit entrepreneurs who want to gain some twitter mileage through his ride.  All they would need to do is send him a jersey with their company logo printed. They would also need to send him $5,000. That money will be donated to LIVESTRONG and CHARITY:WATER.  But that’s not all. He takes it a step further.  Since his whereabouts will be known through his tweets and through his blog, he is inviting everybody, anybody to ride with him for a few miles.  For every person that shows up he will donate $25 each to Livestrong and Charity:water.  Can you believe this guy?!  Here is a picture of him that I grabbed from his blog.


So I’ve been following this guy everyday as he pedals hard and documents the majestic landscape his country is known for. Here are some pretty awesome shots he’s taken in the last few weeks.

The pretty hues of autumn


Pacific Ocean - if he crossed this, he'd probably end up in Quezon!

You most probably won’t know the guy he is posing with below.  He’s just a living legend in the cycling universe who showed up in one of their rest stops.







I think this journey will not just transform him physically.  I can imagine this to impact him on a spiritual level too.  You can’t ride through this scenery and not think about the Source of all this expanse, this splendor.

Apparently this guy is like a Renaissance Man.  Among other things, he’s a venture investor, a lawyer, a Google alumnus, a Twitter advisor and early investor, an Obama advisor in media and communications and an Iron Man triathlete.  Please excuse me while I flush my mediocre and unfulfilled life down the toilet. But seriously, its always inspiring to read about people who have found a way to “suck the bone marrow of life”. So as we trudge our way through our daily lives, remember that every moment should be a carpe diem moment.


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wow… feel useless/stupid…

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