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I’m Still Here

Posted on: October 27, 2009

It turns out that I am just as guilty as you are.  We’ve been busy bees and consequently, neglectful bloggers.  So I thought I’d start us off with some things I’ve been doing that you might fancy.

The cool and mostly grey, wet weather has awakened my crave for hot chocolate (Eh! – please tell me that you’ve read Noli). The best hot chocolate I’ve had so far in this part of town hails from City Bakery. Their pastries and brunch are worth the trip too!


The atmosphere is casual – paper plates and plastic utencils, self-service and very friendly staff.


I’ve always gone here for brunch and have always zeroed in on the cookies, pastries and a variety of salads.  They recently started serving for happy hour.  Would be interesting to see what they have to offer.  Here are some of their goodies.  Yummm!



But the pièce de résistance for me is their hot chocolate.

Look at how thick it is. And that home made marshmallow!

Look at how thick it is. And that home made marshmallow!

Its usually served in a soup cup for you to slurp your way into cocoa heaven, with a giant marshmallow swimming whilst melting into the hot, thick chocolate.  I prefer mine in a plastic cup like the one above only because its easier to consume. Little Twinmom loves this place too.  Ask her about it.  Don’t worry, we’ll add this to our kilometric-long list of places to visit when you come.

With fall now in full swing, I am forced to bring out my winter gear and update my winter basics.  So I went down to this newly opened japanese store that has all your necessary basics at Kiki-friendly prices.


Uniqlo is where I got my tights, leggings, shirts and under shirts for the season. They have a lot of cool stuff for men and women for very reasonable prices. And did I mention great quality? The store in Soho is huge! Its 3 floors filled with every article of clothing you can think of.  Going there on a weekend is like going to Baclaran on a Wednesday.  Not a good idea.  But you will definitely come out of the store with useful finds and still with enough dough in your pocket.

I had wanted to take some pictures of the store but my priorities radically changed when I saw the herds of women in my size attacking the tights, leggings and under garments.  So instead I’m sharing with you some of their videos to give you an idea.  These Japanese can be so kenkoy…

And yet innovative…

They recently launched a new line designed by Jill Sanders. This created a huge hype here as expected from collaborations between designers and retailers.

I also managed to go see a Ben Watt gig.  Ben What? Ben Who? Good question! I myself wondered the same.  Does he look familiar at all?


Try this.  Can you place him now?

Aahh! Ben Watt from EBTG!

Aahhh! EBTG! Apparently, when not making music with his wife – the G in EBTG – he is a DJ.  A good one, might I add (not that I have enough knowledge about his brand of sound to make a phenomenology of his music).  I just liked it.  I went down to Cielo at the Meat Packing District to see him but more importantly to see our dear friend Little TwinP. I was never really into clubs and DJ’s but I thought it would be fun to check this guy out.  His music is contagious and he seems to have a steady cult following.  I honestly wouldn’t have thought of going if I weren’t invited but Im really glad I did.  So thanks for the invite, P!

These are just some of my autumn activities.  So now Lala, tell me, what’s your excuse?  : P


2 Responses to "I’m Still Here"

you HAVE been busy…!!
damn that hot chocolate looks amazing.

just how cheap were the cheap clothes?

Tights for $4 and leggings for $10. Jeans for $30. Outerwear for $40. Very cute basics. Its like shopping in The Gap but cheaper and dare I say, better quality.

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