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Nowhere Man In A Nowhere Land

Posted on: October 12, 2009

I came across this very cool video shared by one of our common friends on her Facebook page.   I am just so bewildered at how impeccable the production crew’s timing is and in awe of how talented Robert Carlyle is.  How long did they rehearse this and how did they do this all in one take?

I noticed that our friend grabbed this video from a blog called The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.  Being the curious Geminis that we are, I decided to check this blog out.  Pretty awesome content!  I was in bed all morning watching his avant garde video finds and listening to his eclectic selection of music.  He blogs under the name I Am Nowhere and travels often. From the looks of it, because he seems to be everywhere, indeed he is nowhere (Fr. Ferriols, you must be mighty proud of me!).  So I thought I’d share with you some of the cool videos I found in Nowhere Man’s Nowhere Land. 

Here’s a super charming TVC. 

And this is a clever way of discouraging people from abusing alcohol.

This next ad is just mind blowing.  Pure genius directed by Adam Berg.

Here’s a disturbing video.  But if  this will get the message across…

There are just so many other cool videos and music this guy has to share.  I’ll leave you with this new movie trailer.  While I’ve seen this before, for some reason I only got to appreciate it after I saw it in his blog.  I love love this song by Placebo. 

So to Mr. I Am Nowhere, I hope you don’t mind  that I grabbed and shared some of your finds in our blog.  I also hope you don’t mind that I dedicated a blog post about your blog.  I was very entertained.  Keep em coming as I will certainly continue to visit.   

Yun lang…


3 Responses to "Nowhere Man In A Nowhere Land"

just got to watch these now 🙂
love the johnnie walker ad – formed a new found appreciation for one of my favorite poisons!

Cool video no? You and your johnny coke! Sayang!

I really don’t mind and i really appreciate it 🙂
I just finished reading your blog, it is a good idea to share two different life in the same blog.

Take care

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