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Welcome To Hopenhagen!

Posted on: October 11, 2009

This might be relevant to us and our country as we strive to make sense of the chaos and heartbreak that 2 powerful storms left in a span of 3 weeks.  We’ve heard it, we’ve read it, we’ve talked about it: Mother Nature is a comin, collecting her dues and perhaps Ondoy and Pepeng were her warning shots, advance party, if you will.

So i found this cool site called Hopenhagen. Its a movement spearheaded by the International Advertising Association to support the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen at the end of the year.  Close to two hundred of our world’s leaders will meet in Copenhagen and talk about worthy CHANGES that need to be made in how we care for the environment.  The Hopenhagen movement aims to create an awareness of this summit, to be a venue for people to connect and talk about real change for the environment and to push people to action.

Since it was conceptualized by a bunch of advertising creatives, you can expect an interactive and stylized website. You can sign a petition and get a Hopenhagen passort where you earn stamps for reducing your personal carbon footprint and making the world a better place…



There’s even a message board in the website where people all over the world can declare what gives them hope.


So I invite you to Hopenhagen.  Sign a petition, get a passport and make your voice heard and have fun doing it.  I think your older little twin brat might enjoy doing this too!


3 Responses to "Welcome To Hopenhagen!"

cool – linked this to FB 🙂
i hope something really comes out of HOPENHAGEN.

Its a fun website. You can teach Rocio to be more environmentally conscious and virtually travel the world. She might enjoy it.

[…] With the Copenhagen Summit fast approaching, various global climate change awareness groups are coming out of the woodwork […]

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