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Tulong Para Sa Rizal Collections

Posted on: October 7, 2009

I’ve sent you the first round of donations collected via PayPal.  You should have a total of $320.  More to come!

Below you will see a breakdown of those donations.  I’ve chosen to keep our generous donors anonymous.  They know who they are and they know how eternally grateful we are for helping the families affected in Rizal.  The best way to express our gratitude is by showing them how we spent the money buying the essentials and showing where we distributed these goods.  So Lala, once you’ve bought the goods needed, please document and post here. 


$ Donated

Less Paypal Fees

$ Sent To Rizal

From Mexico  $            50.00  $                    2.25  $                  47.75
From New York  $            50.00  $                    1.75  $                  48.25
From New Jersey  $          100.00  $                    3.20  $                  96.80
From California  $            50.00  $                    0.88  $                  49.12
From Nevada  $            20.00  $                    1.75  $                  18.25
From Hong Kong  $            50.00  $                    2.25  $                  47.75
Total  $          320.00  $                   12.08  $                307.92


I shouldered the PayPal fees because I don’t think it is right to take a portion of what our donors gave and chalk it over to PayPal.  They donated this money with the intention of giving this all to the parts of Rizal devastated by Ondoy.  Besides every peso counts in this situation.

So again, to those that helped out in this fund raising, we salute you!  You are all STARS.  Maraming Salamat!


1 Response to "Tulong Para Sa Rizal Collections"

clap clap clap!!

thank you to our generous donors.
rest assured kiki and lala will account for every centavo.

will post soon as i’m done getting the supplies.

thank you!!

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