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In The City Of Blinding Lights

Posted on: October 7, 2009

After an over extended wait, I present to you my surprise blog post!  Yey!  What could it be??? Here’s a clue…

“This is not a rebel song…



This is…



…Sunday Bloody Sunday!” Waaaaaaaaaah!!!

Yes, Lala! I can knock this off my personal Bucket List.  Several weeks ago I trekked to the Giants Stadium to watch the U2 360 Tour.  U2 in the flesh!!  AWESOME is all I can say.  My seat was pretty far up but the stage was set up in a way that folks like me in the nose bleed section need not strain our necks to get a glimpse of Bono and the rest.  Check out their stage.


The stage is supposed to replicate a spaceship.  Those tentacle looking appendages are actually light weight made of tarpaulin.


Everything else you see on top is either a part of their super sonic, hi-tech sound system or part of an expandable video screen.


The front act featured this up and coming band called MUSE. They have a distinct punk rock sound which reminds me of the band Keane.


After the front act, the crowd (me included) just went wild anticipating the entrance of this generation’s Fab Four.


Check out the packed stadium.


And then it was show time!


I love you, Larry!

I love you, Larry!


The Edge

Mr. Clayton on Bass

Mr. Clayton on Bass

They sang some of their new songs and a lot of their old ones.  I was particularly moved by songs dedicated to global causes that they are passionate about.

SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY was dedicated to the protesters in Iran, especially those who were hurt and killed in the process.  Check out the lighting.  The video screen showed images of the Iranian protesters. Very moving.


ONE was performed  to celebrate the progress in the fight against poverty, hunger and sickness in Africa.  A video featuring Desmond Tutu talking about Africa as part of this ONE world we all live in.

Sorry for the unflattering shots, Mr. Tutu

Sorry for the unflattering shots, Mr. Tutu


WALK ON was dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi who remains under house arrest in Burma.



The hair raising moment for me happened when volunteers from Amnesty International marched onto the stage wearing Suu Kyi masks.  What a statement!


I’ve embedded this You Tube video to give you an idea of how powerful this moment was in the concert.

I had to take videos if only to capture the amazing energy from this concert.  This is one of my favorite U2 songs. Check out that lucky little boy who gets to run around the stage holding Bono’s hand and wearing his sunglasses.  Also, notice the video screen expanded.

So outside the city of blinding lights, I was fortunate enough to watch this awesome band perform.  It lasted less than 3 hours, but the passion they drew out of their fans will last a lifetime…like an Unforgettable Fire!  Get it? Get it?

Take a bow, boys!

Take a bow, boys!


6 Responses to "In The City Of Blinding Lights"

i can’t believe you kept this from me for so long!!
am neon green with envy!!
nice cardigan, btw…

ugggh i’m sage green with envy.

can’t believe you kept this from lala in honor of the blog. hahaha!

Haha! Yes I did it for the blog. And believe me, it was a struggle keeping it from Lala this long! I didn’t want to divert any focus from Ondoy and its aftermath.

Aaawwweesooome is all I can say. I particularly loved how Bono was so unselfish with the attention (naks!). He gave the rest of the band their moments to shine. Whatever! I love Larry Mullen Jr…

bono unselfish with the attention? we the bida gang should learn from him haha

yes larry….

i’m jealous…no, envious…no, inggit…!! you are so lucky!! Second to the World Cup, what I’d give to watch U2…

So lets watch the world cup! Seriously…

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