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Mikel-isms 2

Posted on: September 25, 2009

More updates on this 18 month old’s speech development.


In the playroom, Mikel got a hold of his sister’s school bag and started dragging it around with him as he walked around in a big circle. Every time he’d pass me by he’d wave and say, “buh-baiii”. So I took the opportunity to encourage him to speak some more.

Lala: Mik! That’s a bag… say, bag?
Mik: Gab
Lala: No, it’s baaag.
Mik: Gab

We’ve also been trying to teach him to say his name. This happened in the car this week.

Lala: Mik, if people ask you, what’s your name, you say, Mik-Mik!
Mik: Kim-Kim!
Lala: Mik-Mik!
Mik- Kim-Kim!

Houston, do we have a problem?


2 Responses to "Mikel-isms 2"

Run, Forrest..I mean Kimkim, run! No we do not have a problem…we have another JV. Haha!

But I’d be happy to guve him speech therapy if you send him here. He’ll be talking (like the boyz in d hood) in no time.

good luck!
when he puts my cel phone to his hear, he says,

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