Kiki & Lala

Mikel-isms 1

Posted on: September 18, 2009


I thought you might like an update on the speech development of my tubby little boy.

Lala: Mik, say thank you.
Mikel: Mamam! (Taps chest which is the sign I invented for “thank you”)
Lala: Thaaaank Yooou…
Mikel: Maaaamaaaam…

Lala: Hey Mik! Can you say Lighting Mc Queen?
Mikel: (stares at his mother somewhat blankly)
Lala: Come on… say, Liiiightning…
Mikel: Tai tei
Lala: Liiight Niiing
Mikel: Taaai teiiii

Fortunately, there are more promising words…

Lala: Mik, that’s the aircon. Say, air con.
Mikel:Keh koh!!


1 Response to "Mikel-isms 1"

My mikmik is learning how to talk! We should remain true to tradtion and teach him the “rich vocabulary” Dinky Boy would have gladly taught him.

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