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Posted on: September 17, 2009

Dear Santa,

I know that the foliage in this part of the world have yet to turn orange and eventually disappear before you come out of your cave.  But I thought I’d take a chance and send you my wish list this early on to avoid the rush hour.  After all, I’ve been a good girl…


While those boots are cute, what I really really want for Christmas is that custom made fixed gear bike from Urban Outfitters built by Republic Bikes.  I understand that I may not know how to ride fixed gear bikes (which I will spend time talking about in my next post), but I’m willing to learn. And how can you resist the bright colors of  these custom bikes?  So chic! Check it out.


Don’t you just love the bright aqua fixed gear chain and the mismatched colored side walls? Here is another variation.


Flip flop hub up close

Flip flop hub up close. Cute!

Sugino crankset

Sugino crankset


So what do you say, Santa? I promise I will be nice rather than naughty and I promise not to fight my mom…heehee (love you, mom!).

This is all I want for Christmas.  And if my promises are still not enough, I can trade in Rocio’s two front teeth…if she still has ’em!  : P


3 Responses to "I Like"

hahaha love these colors!

rocio’s front tooth still hasn’t grown back…

Damn! I’ll take Nad’s then..haha!

Aren’t they so cute. I’m thinking mine will be a bright orange or fuschia or pink and green…

[…] A few blog posts ago, I talked about these lovely Fixed Gear bikes which I am hoping Santa could deliver to me this […]

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