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I Wanna Rock! Part I

Posted on: September 14, 2009

So what’s to do on a wet and gloomy Saturday in the city?  Visit a museum, of course! I had always wanted to see the John Lennon: New York City Years exhibit in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex in Soho.  So that’s exactly what I set out to do.

What I thought would be a few hours of paying homage to John Lennon turned out to be MORE than a few hours paying homage to Rock & Roll as a whole. This post is the first of two parts. I’ll tell you all about the John Lennon exhibit in my next post.


The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was an awesome experience ! And well worth the $20 some dollars I was at first reluctant to pay.

As  you enter the museum, you are ushered into a waiting room that is lined with the signatures of artists who have been inducted to the Hall of Fame.


Each of their music is played in the background and their names light up when their songs are played as you can see in the picture below.


After a few electrifying minutes, you are asked to move to another room that simulates a concert arena where you are treated to watch a video montage on the evolution of rock & roll.  You are also shown very rare footage of various artists performing.  Indeed it was a treat!  We were all screaming as if we were watching these artists live!  They get you so immersed in the experience that you literally forget where you are!


Now that they’ve gotten you all pumped up, they give you these Sennheiser stereo headphones to use as you begin the actual tour.  The cool thing about these headphones is songs are wirelessly transmitted to you as you walk around the different galleries.

You are then led to a room filled with hi-def screens that show different artists and their roots and influences.  Here you learn how U2 was very strongly influenced by all kinds of visual artists or how Eric Clapton’s unique sound was derived from blues artists like Muddy Waters.


As you pass each screen, the music transmitted to your headphones correspond to the artist you are watching.  If you were in the picture above staring at the Rolling Stones screen, you would be listening to their music through your earphones.  And as you move from artist to artist, the music changes. Cool, huh?

The next gallery features all kinds of memorabilia. From Elvis Presley…


…to The Beatles…



…to Bruce Springsteen…


Of course they had to dedicate a space to the legendary CBGB on Bowery Street, which unfortunately no longer exists.


Great stuff! This place is eye candy for all the rockers out there and a haven for trivia-crazed people like you, me, your Dad and Dinky Boy !  I highly recommend this to anyone who has a profound appreciation for music.  After visiting this museum, you will realize how rock & roll is really the foundation of yesterday, today and I’m sure, tomorrow’s music. It’s timeless and universal.  I guarantee you that you will walk out of there with a bounce to your step, as I did!


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