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When The Going Gets Tough…

Posted on: September 11, 2009

Because we have a constant thirst for inspiration, here is Ninoy on his spiritual transformation. I have to say, it’s so very Kabbalah ;p


3 Responses to "When The Going Gets Tough…"

i love what he said: suffering can either make or break you.

i was also very moved by his spirituality in the ninoy docu… i liked how he fully understood the power of “surrendering to God” while in jail… i also liked how he looked onto the book of job for inspiration. that’s one of my fave books of the bible too.

oh by the way… 700 club!??? haha blast from the past!!! i do miss those 5-channels-only days…

I think Connie Reyes (drop the Mumar…haha) is their Philippine correspondent…or I could be making this up!

I believe the worst things that happen to us are actually the best things for us. In his case, his suffering didn’t just awaken his spirituality, it woke us all up.

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