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Fr. Mychal Judge

Posted on: September 11, 2009

Of the almost three thousand people who died eight years ago today at the WTC, do you know who is considered to be first casualty?

It was this lovely looking man…

Mychal Judge

Mychal Judge

Doesn’t he look like your dream lolo? Or a saint with that back lighting?

Well, when I learned of his story, he was a saint in my eyes.

Fr. Mychal Judge was the first body to be pulled out of the rubble after the towers collapsed.

So what was a Franciscan Friar doing at the WTC? He was ministering to the firemen of course – as their beloved chaplain.

He was a native New Yawkah of Irish descent. His father died when he was young so as a kid he used to shine shoes near the St. Francis of Assisi church and from then on he pretty much knew what he wanted to do with his life.

His congregation adored him – for his charm and authentic spirituality. A good indication of this would be that he had an appointment book that was full at least a month in advance. He was always chasing the sirens of ambulances, police cars and yes, fire trucks – ready to bring people to God when they most needed it.

On 9/11 he rushed to what is now Ground Zero. He prayed over the injured and dying – and he entered the lobby of the South Tower where a make shift command post had been set up. There he administered last rites and gave strength to the rescue workers.

It was said of him, that he was always photographed doing whatever it was he was doing. And this turned out to be true till the very end. You might be familiar with this iconic image of that dreadful day…

The firefighters had such respect for this man of God, they took Fr. Mychal to the nearest church, lay his body by the altar and covered it with a sheet on which they lay his stole and his badge. They said a prayer for him and headed back to Ground Zero to do their work.

At 9:59am when the South Tower fell, Fr. Mychal left this world for the next where many believe he continued to minister – by welcoming the “newbies” to God’s kingdom.

He is my hero of the month for September.

(I can only wish to have known Fr. Mychal personally. Here you can read about him from someone who knew and loved him well).


4 Responses to "Fr. Mychal Judge"

I got to know him in the early 90s and he embodied what kindness is. He was beautiful inside and out. I still look to his example to live life with love and openness regardless of religion.

My favorite prayer by him is:

Lord, take me where you want me to go;
Let me meet who you want me to meet;
Tell me what you want me to say
And keep me out of your way.

He is missed by many and may we all walk with his light.

Hi Gillian!

Thanks for passing by KikiAndLalaLand!

I’m honored to meet anyone who knew Fr. Mychal personally. All I know of him is what I’ve read on the Internet. You are truly blessed to have known such a man.

Thanks for sharing his prayer too 🙂


My hair still stands even after reading his eulogy! He definitely should be our hero for September. You’re right, his photo gives you a warm, safe and secure feeling.

Hi Gillian,

That’s such a lovely prayer. I will surely be using it! Lala actually suggested that I do a pilgrimage (given that I am in NYC) and follow his footsteps from St. Francis Church in midtown to what is now Ground Zero. Since you knew him personally, could you or anybody who would know, provide me with details of his route to the twin towers? Would appreciate any help you could provide. Thanks!


he looks like tito raffy 🙂

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