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And It Was All Yellow…By Kiki

Posted on: August 18, 2009

Ten days and some after her passing, I still find myself moved by her sacrifice and her genuine love for our country.  


How many people will you meet like this in your lifetime?  How many of them are you actually related to? After all that was said and written about her, what more can we possibly say?  Perhaps the question should be rephrased: What ELSE can we possibly DO?

Cory Aquino

“We’re on our own, now it’s up to us” was the resonating theme in the days after her death.  “Ninoy and Cory have made their sacrifice, now it’s our turn.”  But what does this really mean to you and me, Lala…to our generation?  Our turn to do what? 

Photo Credits:

Photo Credits:

While we fully comprehended the gravity of August 21, 1983, we were too young to actively participate in the events that followed. I just remember those days to be a dark BUT passionate time.


Wearing yellow tainted glasses, our generation got to witness history unfold.  While it was all yellow, we also saw red in the generation before us… Red from the fury, from the unwavering desire to fight for freedom. 


In our own little way we did our part.  We wore the pins, flashed the sign and even became fans of Kris Aquino.  But that was all.  It was a fight our generation couldn’t really call our own.   As fate would have it, we were destined to watch and learn. Activists in training. 


And then it happened.  We got back our democracy.  The Filipinos were worth dying for after all.  Kay sarap pala maging Pilipino. We not only became witnesses to a miracle, but we became heirs to a newly minted democracy and a more promising future. 

Photo Credits: The Duck Man

Photo Credits: The Duck Man

Fast forward to twenty plus years later, and here we are again.  Now we ask ourselves: Do we enjoy the same brand of democracy bequeathed to us in those yellow days of yore?  Are we really living that promising future EDSA ’86 paved for us?  I say NO.  I think we forgot to recognize that with the gift of freedom and democracy comes great responsibility.  Our generation is responsible for safeguarding this democracy, for warding off forces that threaten to take this away from us again. We are defenders of our own destiny. We are the gatekeepers of the future that Nad, Rocio, Mik, The Twins and everybody in their generation deserve. This is our cause.  This is what they mean when they say “It’s our turn.”  This is our role in the epic drama of Philippine History.  This is our legacy.  Only this time, we are not fighting for something we do not have. We are fighting for something we do not want to lose.  And I think that is what HER life and death should mean to us.  

So to answer the question I posted earlier “What else could we possibly do?”, I say everything…anything that will prevent us from losing the now very fragile state of our democracy, anything that will keep our sinking hope stay afloat, anything that will give our greedy leaders a conscience.  Anything…until it is all yellow.


6 Responses to "And It Was All Yellow…By Kiki"

Bravo! So well said, Kiki! I stand and applaud you – and this lovely post.
It’s about to be linked into FB. Bravo! is all I can say 🙂

Thanks! Now that it’s declared, it’s time to make it happen!

Aba, ang galing naman magsulat! Very well said…

But as they say, easier said than done. Huy, I tagged you in my previous post. So when your stalkers google you, they will find this article.

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