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Biggie’s Clam Bar

Posted on: August 7, 2009

I found a nice neighborhood hang-out a few blocks down from my apartment.  Meet Steve, the owner of Biggie’s Clam Bar.  His family has been in this business since 1946. 



It’s a cozy and casual neighborhood bar that everybody seems to frequent to get their comfort food fix. It’s one of those places you go where everybody knows your name…really.  They serve steaks, burgers, franks and a variety of seafood.  






I tried their crab cakes which were delicious. I didn’t even need the Tartare on the side. 



And their their version Pasta Vongole.  The clams were so sweet!


I wasn’t too crazy about their burgers. Although I told myself that I would try their Franks the next time I come back.  It seemed to be the order du jour. 


The service was excellent and very personal thanks to Steve’s hands on management.  When you come, I will surely take you here so we can feast on their other seafood goodies!  



Photo Credits: Motobecane Boy


2 Responses to "Biggie’s Clam Bar"

ooh that pasta looked awesome!
and cio would so love the cutie characters on the sign boards 🙂

So when you come in September, you have to bring Cio!

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