Kiki & Lala

St. Anne’s Festival

Posted on: July 26, 2009

Did you wonder where all the italians were today?  Wonder no more.  They all came out of the woodwork to partake in the street fair to celebrate St. Anne’s Festival.  My new apartment is in the italian part of Hoboken and the epicenter of the street part-eh.  I dread trying to fall asleep in my apartment this time next year!

Thats my building to the right.  Those are my windows on top.

Thats my building to the right. Those are my windows on top.

Check out the different food stalls and the monton of italianos.


Little Twinboy weaving through the legs!

These two adorable little girls were checking out our bikes while I checked them out.

Kiki and Lala 2.0?

Kiki and Lala 2.0?

What’s a street fair without Gyros?



Check out the long line of people waiting to get their zeppole fix!



The parking lot of St. Anne’s church was transformed into a pavilion for visitors to eat and drink beer, lotsa beer!


Look at those steaks ready to be shredded for steak sandwiches.


Of course, no street fair would be complete without, Vinny, the cop to make sure that them drunk and rowdy italians do not disrupt the peace.


I wanted to try out the other stalls but my belly was bulging so bad already. Tomorrow is the last day of the festival so I could go back for a take two. In the meantime, just remember that when the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie its…AMORE.


2 Responses to "St. Anne’s Festival"

that looks like such fun!
what are zeppole?
what did you think was yummiest?

i can’t believe how it’s all right outside your window!
do i need to remind you how lucky you are?

Zeppole’s are like donuts dipped in sugar and usually topped with jelly, or cream or chocolate. Yummy.

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