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Chinese Preservatives

Posted on: July 26, 2009

Oh the pressure to keep up with your blogging…

Here’s something I’ve been meaning to share since my HK trip.

The Heritage

The Heritage

to the left, to the left...

to the left, to the left...

What is this gorgeous building you ask? It’s The Heritage – a soon to open chi-chi complex consisting of a hotel and luxury brand shops in the heart of TST.

Nice, right? But what makes The Heritage truly special is that it used to be the HQ for the HK Marine Police! How lovely is this project? I love the colonial balustrades! The big glass pane doors! The archways! The preservation and re-use of it all! Bloody brilliant as some Brit off the boat might say.

How old is the original structure?

Where in the world is Lala?

Where in the world is Lala?

Yep, it’s been around since 1881. How many edifices in Manila can brag about having an age like that? Being at The Heritage was an experience in duality. I was at the 19th and 21st century in the same instant. And in that instant, I was full of appreciation and frustration. Is it really that hard and that expensive for Manila to preserve it’s historical structures?

Directly across The Heritage is this quaint brick building…

It now houses over priced merchandise of Shanghai Tang but it used to be a fire station. There was an actual fire truck (which looked like it belonged in the 20s) in the back but I failed to take a picture of it. Annoying.

Even the locals appreciate this lovely re-developed area of TST. There were more than a handful taking pictures, armed with their SLRs.

I wonder how much a night here would cost?


2 Responses to "Chinese Preservatives"

Wow! I am so with you when you ask why we can’t preserve our old buildings. We should ask Carlos.

I can’t believe this used to be the HQ of the police. I can’t believe this huge development is in TST. I can’t believe I have not been back to HK since your parents moved back! Obviously I have to make an effort to visit HK beyond a stop over en route home. Hows about you meet me there the next time I make my way home?

yeah! i’ll be waxing nostalgic again – as i always do in hk…
but really, we could invited ourselves over to chris’ place and maybe do some buying for our still-amorphous negosyo…

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