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To Protect and To Serve

Posted on: July 25, 2009

A few days ago another man in uniform had fallen.  He was killed while on duty. He was a cop from Jersey City. His name was Officer Marc DiNardo. He died one day before his 38th birthday.

So this morning after a meeting with a client in New Jersey, I decided to walk back to the office.  And as I turned the corner I found myself right smack in the middle of this officer’s funeral!  The streets were closed to accommodate police squads from all the different counties all over the state.  


I literally walked into these men in uniform while they saluted their fallen brother as the bagpipes played. 




It was such a moving moment and such a sight to see.  At the risk of looking disrespectful, I just had to whip out my camera so I could show you.  Here is a shot of the sea of cops and other mourners that attended the funeral. 



And I just had to get a shot of one of the many bagpipe players.  


Look at how the mourners spilled over from the church. 


This is the riderless horse also called the caparisoned horse being prepped for the funeral procession after the mass. You’ll notice the reversed boots in the stirrups which is part of a long standing tradition representing a rider who would ride no more : (


As I walked passed these uniformed men, the hair at the back of my neck was standing. 




I wondered to myself why we can’t give the same honor to the fallen men and women back home who sacrifice their lives to keep us safe.  But more importantly I wondered: If all the cops from all parts of New Jersey came to the funeral to pay their respects, THEN WHO WAS WATCHING OVER US?


2 Responses to "To Protect and To Serve"

gosh – my hair was standing just looking at the pictures.
my thoughts go out to his family… how sad.

[…] A few blog entries ago, I told you about a fallen police officer’s funeral I stumbled upon one Friday morning.  I remember telling you how I got goose bumps watching his […]

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