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Five Guys for Some Sunday Afternoon Delight

Posted on: July 12, 2009

It’s not as naughty as you think. Although I wasn’t exactly a good girl today either.  After all, how good could a double patty bacon cheeseburger be?  I say sinfully good!


Ever since our old pal Barry took NBC’s Brian Williams to Five Guys, this chain has welcomed many a curious customers wanting to try their famous burger that the president keeps going back for. 


So we decided to check out what the buzz was all about by visiting our neighborhood Five Guys in downtown Hoboken.  Its a no frills diner that only serves juicy burgers and hotdogs from the freshest meats and french fries made from Idaho potaotes. Their burgers are trans fat and gluten free yet are unbelievably tasty, you can do without the condiments (this according to Little Twinboy who, I am told, can live on burgers alone).  When you enter Five Guys, your eyes are immediately drawn to the writings on the wall that blatantly tell you that they are critically acclaimed. 




The menu is fairly simple: Burger, Cheese Burger, Bacon Burger or Bacon Cheese Burger. And if burger is not your craving du jour, you can have a hotdog.  The fun part is choosing which toppings to add to your burger. Mayo, kechup, mustard, pickle relish, pickles, grilled onion, grilled mushrooms, cheese, barbecue sauce, A1 sauce…the list is seemingly endless!  


The staff were very friendly and seemed like they genuinely enjoyed what they were doing. 


They were suspicious at first, thinking that we were spying from Johnny Rockets across the street and when we told them I was going to blog about them, they struck a pose!  They even gave us a front row view of their grill and of course the burgers ready to be served.  





Looks amazing, yeah?  I’m really not a burger person.  In fact, I think I’ve consumed my burger quota for the month.  But I must say that Five Guys burger hit the spot!  So thanks to the folks down at Five Guys for allowing my inner paparazzi to shine and thanks TO MY GUY (uuuyyy!) for sparing this blog with ugly shots by taking the photos for me.


2 Responses to "Five Guys for Some Sunday Afternoon Delight"

oooh… i’m no huge burger lover either but this sounds good… and if good enough for the leader of the free world, i guess i can’t be too shabby.

i love that the staff posed haha!

The staff were so game when they found out I was going to blog about it. They wanted me to leave the address so they could check it out.

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