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Things I Found On My Way to My Apartment

Posted on: July 8, 2009

Breaking News: After years of living in a shoe box, Kiki is finally moving to a….balikbayan box!  Yes Lala, I’m movin’ up!  So I now have a new found interest in anything that I can stuff into that apartment.    As I was surfing for interesting and affordable things for my new crib, I found tons of cute things that were interesting but NOT affordable. So I figured, it’s free to dream…Check em out! 

I found most of them at PointClickHome and Cribcandy. Check out these very cute, japanese designed stools. Its called the Ojami, manufactured in Kyoto by a company called Takaokaya.


Also from Japan are these iron tea pots which I find so cute.  I don’t drink tea but if you gifted me with any of these puppies, I just might start! These pots are manufactured by Iwachu.


How do you like this adorable wall clock which I found in Point Click Home.  I likey likey! 


I found this sexy swing chandelier in the website of a spanish lighting company called Fambuena.


If these are a bit much for you, then you might like these lampshades i found in Cribcandy. 


I also liked this very clever tea set.  Its a saucer, cup, sugar and cream container all nicely stacked.  I don’t drink coffee but I’d graciously accept this as a house warming gift from you! 


Don’t you find these moroccan-inspired lanterns so cute?  I think they will be cuter as accents on the ground instead of hanging them. 


What about these bowls? I call them sharing hands bowls.  How very Kabbalah!


Finally, I thought I’d throw this in because it reminds me of my Dad.  Don’t ask me why, they just look like Dinky Boy.  They also look very cozy on the feet. 


You probably will not find any of these cute finds in my new apartment as I am on a tight furnishing budget. But Ill keep em as nice to haves on my wishlist. So watcha think?


7 Responses to "Things I Found On My Way to My Apartment"

wow wow wow kiki!!!

now i can’t wait to visit you and go furniture store hopping!!!

congrats on your new space too.

maybe when you move back you can set-up our ‘tool-shed’ which is a furniture making company that’s brewing in my mind.


Oooh Boyet Basura #348! Tell me, tell me about this idea brewing in your mind : D

We can go furni window shopping as thats all I can afford right about but yes I’m very excited about my new crib. Congrats on your new office space! So nice!

cute! but the stools look too suman-esque…i may just eat them during fits of bingeing.

Buenas noches, aproximadamente el mes de septiembre quiero abrir una casa de té en Madrid ( España ) y me gustaría contar con teteras IWACHU.
Agradecería se pusiesen en contacto conmigo en el siguiente número de teléfono. 606 14 88 36.

Un cordial saludo.

right now we are using Light Emitting Diode based lamp shades because they consume very low amounts of electricity .

where nyo po nabili yung morrocan lamp? We need it for an event kasi. Hope may reply.Thanxx!

I actually don’t own the moroccan lamps. I just saw them in some design website online. May I suggest you call E. Murio based in Paranaque. They produce furniture and home accessories. While they probably won’t have these same lamps, they can custom make these lamps according to your design specifications.

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