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Our all-time favorite…


Oh the pressure to keep up with your blogging…

Here’s something I’ve been meaning to share since my HK trip.

The Heritage

The Heritage

to the left, to the left...

to the left, to the left...

What is this gorgeous building you ask? It’s The Heritage – a soon to open chi-chi complex consisting of a hotel and luxury brand shops in the heart of TST.

Nice, right? But what makes The Heritage truly special is that it used to be the HQ for the HK Marine Police! How lovely is this project? I love the colonial balustrades! The big glass pane doors! The archways! The preservation and re-use of it all! Bloody brilliant as some Brit off the boat might say.

How old is the original structure?

Where in the world is Lala?

Where in the world is Lala?

Yep, it’s been around since 1881. How many edifices in Manila can brag about having an age like that? Being at The Heritage was an experience in duality. I was at the 19th and 21st century in the same instant. And in that instant, I was full of appreciation and frustration. Is it really that hard and that expensive for Manila to preserve it’s historical structures?

Directly across The Heritage is this quaint brick building…

It now houses over priced merchandise of Shanghai Tang but it used to be a fire station. There was an actual fire truck (which looked like it belonged in the 20s) in the back but I failed to take a picture of it. Annoying.

Even the locals appreciate this lovely re-developed area of TST. There were more than a handful taking pictures, armed with their SLRs.

I wonder how much a night here would cost?

Did you wonder where all the italians were today?  Wonder no more.  They all came out of the woodwork to partake in the street fair to celebrate St. Anne’s Festival.  My new apartment is in the italian part of Hoboken and the epicenter of the street part-eh.  I dread trying to fall asleep in my apartment this time next year!

Thats my building to the right.  Those are my windows on top.

Thats my building to the right. Those are my windows on top.

Check out the different food stalls and the monton of italianos.


Little Twinboy weaving through the legs!

These two adorable little girls were checking out our bikes while I checked them out.

Kiki and Lala 2.0?

Kiki and Lala 2.0?

What’s a street fair without Gyros?



Check out the long line of people waiting to get their zeppole fix!



The parking lot of St. Anne’s church was transformed into a pavilion for visitors to eat and drink beer, lotsa beer!


Look at those steaks ready to be shredded for steak sandwiches.


Of course, no street fair would be complete without, Vinny, the cop to make sure that them drunk and rowdy italians do not disrupt the peace.


I wanted to try out the other stalls but my belly was bulging so bad already. Tomorrow is the last day of the festival so I could go back for a take two. In the meantime, just remember that when the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie its…AMORE.

Today was the perfect day to take the babies out for a spin.


So we decided to do a leisurely ride to my favorite jersey neighborhood. Thought I’d share with you some amazing shots that I, of course, DID NOT have the patience to take.

Being swallowed by the Goldman Sachs building in downtown Jersey City

Being swallowed by the Goldman Sachs building in downtown Jersey City


Lady Liberty shimmering on the right

Lady Liberty shimmering on the right

Spectacular view of sailboats and Downtown Manhattan

Spectacular view of sailboats and Downtown Manhattan

While hanging out in the park, we came across this feisty Dachshund chasing an RC truck.  It was a hilarious sight.  That dog is going to have nightmares tonight!

Run, Solo! Run!

Run, Solo! Run!

Relentless lil sucker!

Relentless lil sucker!

Look what I found as I walked further down.

A Doggie Beach!

A Doggie Beach!

On our way back, we stopped by the neighborhood pizzeria that served brick oven, organic pizza.  We were chatting with the new owner and he said that they use only the freshest ingredients and spring water to make their delish pizzas and pastas.



Of course the staff were happy to pose for us when they found out I was going to feature them in our not-at-all famous blog.

Meet John, Sam and Alex

Meet John, Sam and Alex

Here are other nice shots with pretty backgrounds taken on our way back.


Between those two clouds will rise the controversial Freedom Tower


Little Twinboy's behemoth of a building behind me

A relaxing ride, the amazing sights and yummy comfort food is really all you need on this one fine day. And all that for about $8. Priceless!

How appropriate that I came across this today just a few minutes after reading your last post.

More than two years ago I interviewed a director by the name of Mike Alcazaren. He was beginning a project about Ninoy. All he was able to show me at the time was a gripping black and white trailer – a montage of recreated images of Ninoy’s lonely journey back home. It was of particular interest to me because Bam was cast as Ninoy. (In fact, it was Bam who had told me of the project in the first place).

I thought this project got shelved because I hadn’t heard anything about it in years. And even Direk Mike said at that time the film needed funding. I always assumed it was going to be a full-length film but it seems to have developed into a docu-drama – still starring Bam.

It promises never before released material like secret recorded conversations. And most touching perhaps is that Tita Cory agreed to be interviewed – while she was in the midst of her chemo. The film is set for release on August 21 this year. I can’t wait.

A few days ago another man in uniform had fallen.  He was killed while on duty. He was a cop from Jersey City. His name was Officer Marc DiNardo. He died one day before his 38th birthday.

So this morning after a meeting with a client in New Jersey, I decided to walk back to the office.  And as I turned the corner I found myself right smack in the middle of this officer’s funeral!  The streets were closed to accommodate police squads from all the different counties all over the state.  


I literally walked into these men in uniform while they saluted their fallen brother as the bagpipes played. 




It was such a moving moment and such a sight to see.  At the risk of looking disrespectful, I just had to whip out my camera so I could show you.  Here is a shot of the sea of cops and other mourners that attended the funeral. 



And I just had to get a shot of one of the many bagpipe players.  


Look at how the mourners spilled over from the church. 


This is the riderless horse also called the caparisoned horse being prepped for the funeral procession after the mass. You’ll notice the reversed boots in the stirrups which is part of a long standing tradition representing a rider who would ride no more : (


As I walked passed these uniformed men, the hair at the back of my neck was standing. 




I wondered to myself why we can’t give the same honor to the fallen men and women back home who sacrifice their lives to keep us safe.  But more importantly I wondered: If all the cops from all parts of New Jersey came to the funeral to pay their respects, THEN WHO WAS WATCHING OVER US?

Ang Saya!

Posted on: July 20, 2009

As you know, I’m a huge fan of baby carrying – even if Mik is heavy enough to break my back! I really do cherish the few minutes I have him in a sling or carrier. It’s just such a win-win situation. You have the baby oh so close to you but you have your hands free and baby gets to experience the world in the safety and comfort of your nearness.

I have a number of slings at home and I and love the Moby I wrote about a few posts back. But here’s something oh sooo cool. A pinoy invented baby carrier called the Saya Baby Carrier. It was thought up by someone we know! – Buding Aquino-Dee. It’s very cute and so is the explanatory video. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t vouch for just how good it is but after you watch this, you’ll want one.

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