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Not To Besmirch The Church…

Posted on: June 30, 2009

Since I spend a lot of time at school, I end up hanging out with the other parents and we often have interesting conversations. Thankfully, they are a very open-minded lot who like to question why things are the way they are. I got to talking to one of the dads about religion and he pointed out several things which I thought were amusing and interesting about our beloved Roman Catholic church.

We were talking about how the church was put together and is run by human beings who used (and still use) it as a tool to achieve whatever it wants to – good or not-so-good. Many traditions were formed years and years after Jesus died and rose again. The gospels were written at least a century later.

Anyway, here are some interesting tidbits that are not so new but were amusing to me.

The Statue Thing
Jesus did not go around with statues. He never told people to make statues of him or anyone else. So why is it the Vatican – and churches all around the world – are rife with these beautiful masterpieces?

We have the Romans to thank/blame. After persecuting Christians for centuries, the Romans realized that the converts of Christ were still growing in number. And we know that any play on political power is about winning a numbers game so they just decided to jump on the bandwagon. Can’t beat ’em? Join ’em!

But if they were going to be Christians, what would become of all the statues of their pagan gods and high priests?
And their people were all used to praying to or worshipping statues – what now? Recycle and reuse! Their statues were made into the image and likeness of biblical figures and later, saints.

ancient Roman High Priest sans arm

ancient Roman High Priest sans arms

St. Paul

St. Paul

I think the image of the Virgin is a lovely hybrid of Flora and Eirene…

Flora Goddess of Flowers

Flora Goddess of Flowers

Eirene Goddess of Peace

Eirene Goddess of Peace

Mama Mary

Mama Mary

Jesus Never Went To Church
OK, maybe he had to die in order for there to be churches for us to pray in but Jesus prayed in what we might consider “strange” places today. He liked to connect to his Creator in gardens and deserts and by the sea. He was showing us that you can and should talk to God everywhere – because that’s where he is.

Garden of Gethesemane

Garden of Gethsemane

Happy Birthday

December 25 is Jesus’ birthday. So we’re told. But if shepherds were indeed watching their flocks by night, wouldn’t they have frozen to death from the bitter cold of winter? And how often do you have skies so clear that you can see the stars during that time of year?

follow the star!

follow the star!

From the biblical descriptions and accounts, it seems that Jesus was born around springtime. (Which makes sense because most righteous souls were born as Pisceans haha!). So how did we get to December 25? It turns out, December 25 was the birth/feast day of the Roman God of The Sun.

Now aren’t you enlightened? Tell me you are… It took me a while to google all those images…!


3 Responses to "Not To Besmirch The Church…"

How informative, Lala! And good job on the photos.

I believe that traditional institutions are necessary but they also have to be flexible with the diffferent changes throughout history. Just as the Romans adjusted to the Christians as you said in your entry, so should the Church.

Where did you research all this?

I should put a disclaimer on this post. I’m not entirely sure just how factually correct it is since I didn’t check any historical sources. This is just what I remember from one morning in Starbucks with one of my co-parents hahaha 🙂

haha this sounds like an excerpt from da vinci code.

but yes, a lot of our religious images are really taken from pagan images! from the virgin, to the ‘son of man’, to the 3 kings, to the mother and child, the rosary…. the list goes on and on.

whether ‘traditional institutions’ are necessary — i don’t know kiki…. it sure does fill a void now, but not for long, i believe. eventually (and this i mean maybe in centuries to come), we will realize that God, or the divine being, the higher Self, light, or whatever it is you’d like to call him/her/it, is truly within all of us, and us within him/her/it.

christ didn’t teach us about christianity, he taught us about love. and that, really, is all that matters. naks.

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