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Me Want Moby

Posted on: June 28, 2009

Who doesn’t love wearing their baby? I would wear mine more often it’s just that he weighs a damn ton these days.
I usually carry him in a sling – off to one side on my hip. This is not kind to my weight-bearing shoulder. But as baby gear makers and marketers would have it, there is a solution. (At least for your shoulders, if not your back). You just need to distribute baby’s weight on both shoulders. And for that, all you need is a Moby Wrap.

Now I’m not sure if Mik would want to be carried this way unless he was napping, so I would most likely have him in this carrying style known as the hike hold.

Or since he’s Mr. Ultra Observant, there’s this style called the lotus hold.

But here’s what’s truly impressive. The moby wrap easily accommodates TWINS!!

Don’t you love it? I like the lilac colored one. I think it’s unisex enough if my next bebe is a girl and light enough so it’s not too hot for the tropics.


4 Responses to "Me Want Moby"

um… lala…. please re-spell “ways”…. hee hee


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