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Could This Be The One?

Posted on: June 25, 2009

The big news last night was about The Pill.  Not that Pill, but an experimented pill that fights inherited cancer.  


Eeew! What's this???

Research in the last month showed very positive signs.  Olaparib, as these pills are called, prevent unstable cancer cells from going forth and multiplying.  It’s supposed to curb the growth of inherited tumors.  Inherited tumors are tumors that grow as a result of the presence of the cancer gene, which I am almost certain, is deeply embedded in my genetic make-up.   This pill was tested on a bunch of people living with cancer including  this 62 year old guy named Julian Lewis, pictured below (I know, i know, I just wanted this post to have more pictures).

 This is what BBC says about his treatment:

“Julian Lewis, 62, was treated with olaparib after being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. Within a month or two, levels of a key chemical marker of cancer went down to a low level, and have now stayed low for more than two years. In addition, secondary tumours in his bones have almost disappeared. He has experienced minor side-effects, such as stomach discomfort and mild nausea, but he said: “I hope to carry on with this for as long as possible. Partly the aim is the obvious one of keeping my cancer cells in check, but there’s a broader goal too: to help find out how long this drug can be used safely in other people.”
The pill is designed to attack the most common types of cancer like breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.   I feel like we’re inching closer and closer to a real breakthrough.  It’s high time, don’t you think?

2 Responses to "Could This Be The One?"

wow… imagine if this were the cure…
though it doesn’t sound like a cure – more like an arrest for cancer.

still, that’d be major… where did you find this??

It was in the news a few nights ago so I thought I’d read about it more. Out of all the research that’s come out, I think this is the most promising. It’s not going to prevent the cancer but it will address the tumor from growing and spreading. At this point, I’ll take it!

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