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Rocio-isms 1

Posted on: June 19, 2009

Ain't we gorgeous?

Ain't we gorgeous?

This post is super overdue. I realized I better start putting all these things down before I forget.
So here are several things my crazy daughter has said since you left. Some are one liners, others are bits of dialogue but I’ll give backgrounders for each so you get the most impact from them.

We were literally on our way out the door and Rocio was still fiddling with Lord knows what, packing her bag and all.

Me: Rocio! Come on! Tara?
Rocio: No I’m not tara yet, Mom.

What’s interesting here is that the meaning of tara that she inferred was a good guess. But no Talgalog cigar…

Concert Queen
I walk into the room one night and Rocio’s gaze is transfixed on the TV. She is wide eyed and her mouth is gaping open as she stands just two meters from the TV. A Shakira concert is on.

Me: What is that? Do you even know who that is?
Rocio: I don’t know but she’s my IDOL.

I Can Feel It!
We were in the grocery with my mom and Rocio wanted this bottle of Palmolive shampoo. It was pink, of course.

Rocio: Nana! Can I get this?
Nana: THAT? Ok if you want it but that’s what the yayas use. Yak! Get the other one. (Imported kiddie L’Oreal shampoo).
Rocio: Ok – never mind. (Puts in back on the shelf).

A few days later I witness this at the dinner table…

Rocio: So Yaya Inday, is it true you like to use Palmolive only for your shampoo?

Unsolicited Advice
As you know Rocio had no affection whatsoever for her substitute yaya over the summer. And she missed the faces she’s more used to seeing – like Yaya Inday who takes care of Mikel. I didn’t hear this first hand. My dad was the one who told me. This also happened at the dinner table.

Rocio: Yaya Inday, you want some advice? Don’t be like Yaya Gretchen. Focus on YOUR JOB.

Yeah, you tell ’em, baby girl!


9 Responses to "Rocio-isms 1"

Hahahahahaha! OMG! I am so on the floor laughing right now. Keep those rocio-isms coming puhleeze!

for sure. it’s not really up to me though… depends on what she comes up with. crazy girl!

you both look like anime characters! Haha!

or conjoined twins hahaha ;p

I use the palmolive pink shampoo too and so does Nadine. 🙂

i know – ang taray talaga ni nana haha 😉

That Palmolive pink??? I used that when I was home too! Nana=Elitist! Haha!

i know! it’s the fashion girl shampoo that has a nice commercial so all parents of little girls get suckered into buying it.

Except Nana.

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