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I Like: Streamline Luggage

Posted on: June 18, 2009

I’ve been  dreaming about my next vacacion grande.  Since my bank account decided to hop on the recession band wagon, my dream vacation will remain unrealized for a while.  But that shouldn’t stop me from planning where to go and what to bring on this impossible dream of a trip. Aah! Now we’re talking.  As I was surfing aimlessly on the web, look-ey what I found.  


Suitcases by Streamline Luggage

Suitcases by Streamline Luggage

Aren’t they so cute? Don’t you love how vintage it is?  I feel like I have to go on a Safari in Africa with Isak Dinesen using this luggage!  Streamline Luggage comes in different designs and collections. Check them out!

This is the Aviator Series.  This particular design reminds me of my dad’s briefcases. Yes, the ones we are still trying to open!


Still the Aviator Series…




What do you think of the Editor Series, my favorite? I love the colorful leather straps. 


And then you have the Producer Series…




…The Ambassador Series…



…And the Explorer Series made of some kind of weave. It’s pretty but by eyeballing it, I have my doubts about its durability.  Of course I could be wrong…


So tell me, which series did you like?  And more importantly, would you care to join me on my next trip to…”Oh The Places You’ll Go!”


4 Responses to "I Like: Streamline Luggage"

ooh i love the editor series in white and pink…
and the producer series in red…
so where we going?

Well you’re coming here for RH! So don’t bother returning the luggage you borrowed from me. I’m going to replace ’em with these chic ones!

cute luggage! but i would stay away from the white ones since ive been known for leakage…

Hi Guys
Don’t forget to check out Intelligent Luggage new self weighing suitcases which are available in the UK now and the USA from next spring.
No more excessluggage charges!!
Happy Days

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