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PS 22

Posted on: June 12, 2009

Meet the choir of PS 22, a public school located in Staten Island, NY.  They are a bunch of fifth graders who have found their passion and some kind of fulfilment in singing.  

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Gregg Breinberg, their music teacher and the man who started it all, acts somewhat like the pied piper leading his kids away from drugs and gangs and channeling their energies in artisitc expression. 

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Many of these fifth graders are healing childhood wounds that, unfortunately, come from the difficult environments they grew up in.  So many of them have found singing as effective therapy and a fun way to simply express.    And look who they’ve met along the way!

Crowded House

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Tori Amos

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They managed to move Tori Amos to tears.  Check out the video.

Last I heard, the kids from PS22 will be performing with Fleetwood Mac in Madison Square Garden this summer!  How awesome is that?  So let me leave you with the kids and their version of Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide.


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ok, can you not post stuff like that when i’m pms-ing!!

[…] While PS 22 does inspiring covers of famous songs, lately there are also more artists doing covers of their […]

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