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Pink Or Blue

Posted on: June 12, 2009

As if the baby business isn’t already full or crap we don’t really need, someone comes up with this…


The Intelligender is a pee test that tells you the gender of your fetus much earlier than an ultrasound. You can take the Intelligender test (I find the name so corny…) as early as 6 weeks from the first day of your missed period! Ultrasounds can predict gender with accuracy only from about 18 weeks on.

This is not a stick test like an EPT. You pee into a cup and then transfer that into a test cup and set down the cup on a flat, even surface for 10 minutes.

If you get the contents of the cup to look like this:


You’re having a girl.

And if you get this color instead:


You can expect a bouncing boy.

Manufacturers claim the test has a 90% accuracy rate in the lab and 82% in real world studies. If you’re taking hormones or have PCOS or don’t use your first morning pee or are having fraternal multiples, the accuracy decreases.

And website does say, the product is meant as a fun, pre-birth experience for the parents and in no way takes the place of professional ante-natal care. Nor should any emotional, financial or family planning be based on the test results.

So for impatient parents-to-be, this is a gift from the geniuses of science… and crafty, money-making marketers. I mean seriously, how hard is it to wait? But then again, if I do go for a third, I just might be willing to fork out the $35 to pay for this sucker. Would you?


2 Responses to "Pink Or Blue"

What a marketing scam?! But I think its a great thing to do for fun…and if you’re pregnant. : D So I’d be happy to get it for you here when the time comes…

but we’re supposed to be sabay, right? ;p

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