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Mitsuwa Marketplace

Posted on: June 9, 2009


This is where I go if I want to get everything Japanese.  Mitsuwa Marketplace is a shopping complex with a grocery, a food court, japanese specialty shops, a japanese bookstore and japanese restaurants to name a few. I go there primarily for the food court and the japanese grocery.   The first thing that you will notice is how clean the place is!  The food court is – for lack or a better word – shiny! 


For some reason, they like to display their menu in their display windows.  I suppose to give customers a visual image of what they are about to order. 
The food court is adjacent to the grocery where you can find everything japanese.  
Melty Kiss!

Melty Kiss!

They also have pre-packed sushi, sashimi and rolls, which are sold at half price if not sold after 6PM! Yum!
They also sell cooked meals inside the grocery like grilled teriyaki chicken, fried squid (very tasty!), breaded fish, to name a few.
In this particular trip to Mitsuwa, I thought I’d try something different. 
Italian Tomato is the only food stall in the food court that does NOT serve japanese food.  I thought I’d have some Japanese inspired pasta! 
Spicy cod roe spaghetti topped with seaweed

Spicy cod roe spaghetti topped with seaweed

Just to give you an idea and to make you little bit hungry, here are just some of the other dishes you can find in their fabulous food court.
Do you remember that Japanese friend of my dad who would send us those incredibly juicy honey dews and those yummy biscuits called Leaf Pie?  Well there is a section in the grocery that sells japanese delicacies similar to Leaf Pie.  
I know you would probably appreciate pictures taken at closer range but it was a Sunday and there were just too many people…jahe! They are priced rather high so I am waiting for a special occasion to reward myself with one of those delicacies. 
Another addition to our growing list of places to go WHEN you visit…

5 Responses to "Mitsuwa Marketplace"

this reminds me of the food courts of the japanese department stores in hk only better. i don’t remember them selling ready to go rolls and meals – at least not when i was living there!

the noodle-y thing under the tempura looks like spicy perfection. nice on a cold day.

i emailed you re rh… how are we gonna make it happen??

thought i’d greet you here instead of flooding facebook 🙂 happy birthday kiki!! (or is it lala?) hehe 🙂

Thanks Belly! Welcome back. Your pictures were amazing! Such rich colors…I’m sure they pale in comparison to the actual experience. Yey to you! : )

wow! this looks great. please let’s go next time we’re in joisey. you know how much of a jap-phile we’ve become.

menus as display windows is as japan as it gets. as well as ‘japanese-inspired pasta’. the ‘authentic’ italian restos in japan only serve these. see if there’s uni pasta — yum yum.

ok now i’m hungry.

Oh most definitely, twinpopsis! In fact, when I was visiting you and Lolo (uuuuy!) in Franklin Lakes, your twinpop-MIL and SIL were talking about it! I think they had just come from Mitsuwa that time. It’s beside a driving range which I frequent as well. So after hitting some balls, I go to Mitsuwa…. I always think of you whenever I go : )

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