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Posted on: June 5, 2009

NBC’s Brian Williams did a two night special report on a day in the life of President Barack Obama called Inside the Obama White House.  


photo credit:

photo credit:

Doesn’t he look so dapper and handsome? But I digress.  Anyhoo, this special report gives us a glimpse of President Obama on a regular day at work. Every morning he is briefed by his team of advisers.  Among them, he has his Economic and Financial Policy Team as one of the first in line to brief him. For obvious reasons, this team is probably the most “watched”and the most scrutinized by the media, by the voters and probably by Pareng Barry himself. Their marching order is to get this country out of the mud  and back to being the land of milk and honey.  Here are some them pictured below.


Photo credit:; L-R: Tim Geithner, Christina Romer, Larry Summers

Photo credit:; L-R: Tim Geithner, Christina Romer, Larry Summers

The report also features some of the President’s staff. I was so amazed by his deliberate and critical choices of members of his staff. He made a conscious effort to surround himself with rabidly driven, fervently committed and fiercely loyal people.  He also made sure that his White House was inhabited by the young.  After all, it was this tech-savvy, change-starved youth that put him in that house in the first place.  So he has a very interesting and very diverse mix of workers.  Meet his posse. 

David Axelrod is Barack’s Senior Advisor.  He pretty much works as the chief strategist, the brains behind it all.  

He looks a little drunk here but I promise you he is brilliant

He looks a little drunk here but I promise you he is brilliant

And then you have Rahm Emmanuel who really should be featured as a separate post because his personality is just too multi-faceted.  Imagine all the moxie, crude-ness, cut-throat-ness, abrasive-ness and an infinite vocabulary of expletives and profanity poured into one man.  That man is Rahm. Oh and did I mention that he was smart?  


They say that NBC’s hit show The West Wing based its character Josh Lyman on Rahm.  


And here is some trivia for you: Rahm’s brother, Ari, is the basis of another TV character.  Can you guess?  Do I hear Gold? : D

You also have to meet John Favreau. He is Barack’s Director of Speechwriting. He has collaborated with Barack in all of his speeches since 2004. So all of  those unforgettable speeches that would keep you up thinking about them at night (ok fine, keep ME up at night) were written by this brilliant man, this brilliant 28-year old man! ‘Nuff Said.


 Finally there is Reggie Love.  He is the President’s “Body Man”, his personal assistant (read: YAYA).  This guy used to play Forward for Duke University and even has an NCAA championship under his belt.  


So these are just some of the personalities that wake up everyday asking only one question: how can they bring about a positive change in this country that will also positively change the world? 

As a form of unwinding at some point in his very busy day, Barack does spontaneous unofficial trips to unspecified locations.  Check out this video below.

The report also did a segment of Michelle and the kids.  Of course, a special segment was dedicated to Bo, the very controversial first dog. 

From the Obama Camp this report was a very powerful communication and PR tool that was consistent with their strategy to  be transparent, to “keep it real” and keep it close to the people.  But I also think that this report was meant to inspire.  The White House is occupied by ordinary (and maybe smart) people all working towards the same extraordinary vision. Fueled by only passion, these folks want us all to believe that if we stick with them, we’ll go places.


4 Responses to "The Inside Story"

Great post, Kiki!

Brian Williams looks like Pierce Brosnan 😉

For some reason I’m attracted to Rahm Emmanuel… I guess it’s the power thing.

But the man who truly intrigues me is John Favreau. Imagine being that young and having your voice heard by the entire world.
Sure there are entertainers younger than him that can hold a captive audience at a concert or something but his influence, power and responsibility are – literally – awesome. The man is writing lines that will go down his history.
That’s just amazing.

And again, looking at the Obama White House, the question begs… WHEN will WE ever have a president like that?

That truly is the question! I just can’t fathom working alongside people like this. I mean if I were part of the West Wing staff, I’d be so star struck not only by working with this dream team but also working in this museum of an office! I’d probably be consistently late for meetings – “Uhhh I’m late sorry guys, I got side tracked by the beauty of the Red Room or I got mesmerized by JFK’s portrait…”

Back to the question. I just feel we need people with a genuine desire to serve. Take Rahm, for example, he set aside his dream to be the first Jewsih Speaker of the House and accepted the challenging and unglamorous job of Chief of Staff. Being Chief of Staff is more of a sacrifice for him because his move to DC has left him alone without his family. If that’s not a genuine desire to serve then what is? Our country needs people like him.

Oh and after watching that Five Guys Burger clip, I’m so gonna try it. There’s a Five Guys down my street! These guys need not advertise after Barack’s drive by!

[…] since our old pal Barry took NBC’s Brian Williams to Five Guys, this chain has welcomed many a curious customers wanting to try their famous burger that the […]

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