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Overheard On A Rainy Day

Posted on: June 5, 2009

I love listening in on the conversations of Rocio and Nadine. They’re cute and honest and frankly their banter shows what clever girls we have on our hands. The dialogue that follows took place in the car on the way to Museo Pambata on my birthday.

Nadine: It’s raining so hard. Why is it raining?
Rocio: Because of Global Warming. You know what that is, Nadine? It means we didn’t take care of our planet and our plants and that’s why it rains like this.
Nadine: Yah, it’s raining because the plants are very thirsty.



1 Response to "Overheard On A Rainy Day"

Adorable duendes! If only we can keep them that way. We should send them to Neverland so they never grow up!

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