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A Man Who Would Cure The World

Posted on: June 3, 2009

After meeting Shai Agassi  , I thought I’d introduce you to another inspiring man. I first heard about him in grad school.  I even had the privilege of attending one of his talks.  Meet Dr. Paul Farmer.


Ok so he looks a little geeky but this geeky guy found a way to cure poor people when their own countries couldn’t give them the healthcare that they deserved. He cured them literally one patient at a time.  He is the founder of Partners in Health, which aims to bring healthcare to the poor in developing countries. He started “healing” in Haiti in the 80’s where he found a way  to contain the spread of Tuberculosis. Now through Partners in Health, the poor in Lesotho, Rwanda and Malawi (to name a few) have access to healthcare.   When you get the chance, I highly recommend that you read Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure The World.  It was written by Tracy Kidder, who himself is an overflowing source of inspiration.  The book is so compelling I guarantee you that you will finish the book in one sitting (assuming your Little Twin-duendes don’t grab your attention). 


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So when you do get to read this book, tell me what you think.  I’m curious to know whether you think this man is inspiring or unrealistic.

Just a few days ago I read that Dr. Farmer is being considered to serve as one of Obama’s top level administrative posts in international development and assistance.  The talk is he will be appointed the administrator of USAID. Whichever position he assumes, I’m sure that he will help this administration bring about the Change that everybody in this town is talking about.


3 Responses to "A Man Who Would Cure The World"

oh yeah – you’ve been telling me bout this book for ages.
will look for it!
impossible is nothing…!

omg!!! that’s how he looks??? so not what i expected.

thanks so much, kiks, for making me read this book. it was transformational. lala, i have it if you wanna borrow.

because of that book, i became less of a worry wart, and less of a corpy must-have-a-detailed-framework-for-everything sort. now, i just go with the flow and follow my gut and do i what i can to forge on in my little projects 🙂

and wow, i LOVE obama more for considering him. what a wonderful world! woohoo!

Oh it was my pleasure to share this book with you, Twinpopsis! I knew you would so appreciate it and so get it! I’m also so glad to find out that he affected you in such a positive way. You go (with the flow), girl!

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