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Still Standing!

Posted on: May 31, 2009


With a rosary and a mini zohar in my pocket, I began my first tour.


3 hours and a few aches and sores after, I am proud to say that I finished  the bike tour! Golf clap. Golf clap.



 The experience was just amazing! The scenery was breathtaking: from the ocean, to farmlands, to forests. The second half of the tour was challenging as the route had unexpected hills which threw me off.  But with a lot of perseverance and the thought of having a big, delicious lunch after, I pedaled on to the finish line.  Special props goes to Alex who despite faulty shifters, gave me an unforgettable ride.  So please pay your respects now. 


After the ride, we decided to explore this seemingly sleepy town.  And what a town it turned out to be!


You get the same Hamptons feel without the new yohkers disturbing the peaceful hum of silence. 


I was especially taken by the lovely (and grand) houses by the beach.





Don’t these steps remind you of that Jack Nicholson-Diane Keaton movie?


 Still wearing my bike gear, I posed for some photos for shits and giggles.



And to cap off this great day, we went to lunch



2 Responses to "Still Standing!"

I am tres, tres proud of you! What an experience that must’ve been.
Scenery is gorgeous! I was gonna say, I was expecting Diane Keaton to walk down those steps.
Take me there WHEN I visit 🙂
How was the resto?

Thanks Lala! We will add the shore to our list of things to do when you come here for a visit. Therese’s cooking hit the spot! I had wanted to take photos of the food but I was just so hungry that I forgot! I had Tagliatelle with mushrooms and white truffle oil. Very tasty!

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