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House Hovering in Hoboken

Posted on: May 31, 2009

So on our way to dinner one night, driving past a familiar tree lined street, we fancied an old colonial styled house.  Thought you’d appreciate some of it’s design details. 


In a town where home spaces are shrinking to NYC proportions, it’s refreshing to see an actual house (vintage) still standing.  I don’t know why but I like the stairs. leading to the upper part of the house. 




The side of the house. And look...another red door!

The side of the house. And look...another red door!


After what should have been considered trespassing, we discovered that this pretty little house is actually an extension to this building. 


Take a look at the details on top. Doesn’t the Bates Motel come to mind?


When you turn the corner, this brick building transforms into this.


From brick to brownstone.

From brick to brownstone.

 I find this courtyard in the brownstone so charming.  Whoever lives in this ground floor unit hit the jackpot with this courtyard.


Again, by living across the river, you can come home to peace and quiet while being a train ride away from the cit-eh! Plus you will always have this magnificent view to enjoy. It never gets old!



2 Responses to "House Hovering in Hoboken"

love the red!! and the detailing on the roof! who still DOES that – if anyone at all….
and what kind of stories would those walls tell us if they could, i wonder…

Exactly! Plus to have a casita in the midst of all these brownstones is just priceless.

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