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Sister Madonna Buder: The Iron Nun

Posted on: May 27, 2009


This sweet looking elderly lady is not your typical granny.  For one, she really isn’t a granny.  She’s a nun. A nun literally on the run.  Sister Madonna Buder decided to take running as a sport in her late 40’s.  A priest told her that running could actually be a spiritual experience and an unconventional channel to be closer to God. As with any runner, one mile led to another and before she knew it, she was competing in Triathlons.  She took it a step further by joining the Iron Man in Hawaii!  All for the Greater Glory of God.  Check out this video about how she got started and why she actually does it. Very inspiring!

This is amazing for obvious reasons: here is an elderly woman who has pushed herself to the limit to do seemingly impossible things.  But I think more than this, she has proven that we can find God in non-church related activities.  She feels closer to God not just in the church or in a convent but in the hot concrete pavements when she runs or bikes and in the dark, cold waters when she swims.  For her, this endeavor captures the essence of life.   

As you know, on Saturday I will be joining the Tour de Cure.  


I’ll be riding close to 40 miles in the name of my father.  Since the unexpected happened, I really didn’t have the motivation to train for this event.  But I’m doing it because I told Dinky Boy that I would do it for him.  Also, I thought this could be a good venue to commune/converse with my dad who I miss terribly.  I actually was having second thoughts about this since I don’t think I am physically prepared. But when I stumbled across Sister Madonna’s story (would you believe while running in the treadmill?), I knew that this was a sign that I had to push through with the ride (don’t you love how I managed to be BIDA here?).  I found my mojo!  So wish me luck and I’ll tell ya all about it…IF I live to tell you all about it!


6 Responses to "Sister Madonna Buder: The Iron Nun"

i’ve always believed that running is a super form of meditation…

good luck on your tour de cure!!! could you resend your email re the pledge?

just saw the vid… uggggh i love her!!!! what an inspiration.

i love that she does it to transfer her enduring spirit to others – amazing…

oh! in case when you’re on your tour de cure and it gets tough, don’t forget how sister madonna got through it.

she called on the creator and it became such a spiritual exercise, she didn’t even feel her body anymore!!

go go, kiki!

Thanks girls! She truly is an inspiration. I am quite nervous but I also feel lilke I have a good arsenal of spirit I can tap into (i hope!)…Thanks for your pledegs too 😀

Twinpopsis: I just sent you the email re pledges, so check your inbox. Thanks in advance!

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