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When the Puppy Trains the Kids…

Posted on: May 21, 2009

Meet Mudpuppy…


It’s an award-winning brand of toys and games that are also available here – also thanks to a mompreneur. I discovered them during bazaar season in December. The toys are all very simple but you get attracted to them because they are designed by real artists. It’s hard to miss the fun and flair that accompanied the creative process.

So here are some of the things that I bought for my beautiful brats…

"Things That Go" Ring Flash Cards

I got this for Mik. It has really cool graphics of all modes of transportation. Each card has a candy colored back drop that looks almost good enough to eat. Then again, that’s exactly what my son first did to them. The back of each card has “guide questions” like, Who’s driving the taxi? Or how many stars are there on the bus? At first, I was like, Ohhhhh OK it’s for parents who don’t know how to talk to their babies and have no imagination whatsoever. But the mommy I bought it from actually had a great sales pitch. She touted the “guide questions” as an excellent prompt for yaya who may not know to strike up a conversation with her alaga.

This is what I got Ate. I just knew she’d love it.

Painter's Palatte Constructibles

Painter's Palatte Constructibles

In spite of all her kakikayan and rock star aspirations she gets tons of fun from creating structures composed of these colorful bits of card. And each piece comes with a fancier than usual name so she consciously learns what chartreuse and burgundy are. But without her realizing it, she’s also teaching herself the laws of physics.

Here is my most recent buy from the Expo Mom Bazaar.

Map Of The World Play Scene

Map Of The World Play Scene

I had been googling a kid-friendly map the week before so Cio could literally have a better view of the world but I couldn’t find one that suited my purpose – which was to show her where she’s been, where I’ve lived and where we plan to go. Then I saw this. You open it up and it’s a rather blank map of the world but it comes with reusable vinyl stickers and labels. So you get to label the continents, oceans and some countries.

So of course we put the Statue of Liberty sticker on the East Coast somewhere. (I cannot brag about the accuracy of it’s placing). We marked Brazil because Mommy’s been there. We stuck something on southern China to mark Hong Kong. We also put Big Ben on England. It is after all where Peter Pan and the Darling children took a quick breather on their way to Neverland. The only pisser is, the map kinda skips New Zealand!! So I just said, “Put a sticker of the very bottom right of Australia – that’s more or less where we used to live”. Argh. It was fun though and the thing is so portable I can’t complain. And we still have tons of stickers to use up.

Whatcha tink? Cute right? Or am I just a sucker?


1 Response to "When the Puppy Trains the Kids…"

I likey! Did you mark the Philippines? What about Madrid and Salamanca where Ninang Kiki stayed for a bit.? : D

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