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Gilda’s Club

Posted on: May 17, 2009

Thanks for that uplifting post, Lala.  It does help to think about the happy, funny and quirky memories of Dinky Boy.  I’m hoping that in time, it won’t have to be too much of an effort.  

So I was roaming (seemingly) aimlessly in this crazy city, and as if by design, I see a red door that catches my attention. It said Gilda’s Club on the door jamb. So i googled this Gilda’s Club and GUESS  WHAT IT IS?  It’s an organization whose mission is to create organic communities of support for ANYONE  living with cancer.  Gilda’s Club welcomes ANYONE learning to live with cancer or ANYONE whose loved one is learning to live with cancer.  It was formed in honor of the late Gilda Radner who as you know lost her battle against Ovarian Cancer some years ago.  


It was her dream to put up a foundation that provided emotional and social support to those living with cancer through healing workshops, social activities and networking .  This support was meant to complement the medical treatment that at times could be very cut-throat and rough at the edges. In other words, kulang sa TLC!   So her husband, funny guy, Gene Wilder and her psycho therapist, Dr. Joanna Bull, formed Gilda’s Club after she died. 


There are Gilda’s Clubhouses all over.  There’s a clubhouse in California…


In Florida…


And of course, here in New York! 


Don’t you just love how all the clubhouses sport the same bright red door.  So anybody is welcome to walk through those red doors and join any of the programs.  


What appeals to me about this community (apart from the red doors..heehee) is that they recognize that treating cancer should not just be directed to that one guy with a tumor.  Treating cancer means treating his family, his friends and anybody else who cares.  Check out their website and read about the many programs they offer.  Apart from the usual workshops and lectures about cancer, they have Karaoke Night, Comedy Nights, celebrations of all kinds.  They even have meditation classes, yoga and even cooking!  And all this you can enjoy for the hefty price of… NOTHING!  You can even form your own clubhouse.  They have literally redefined the concept of clubbing (Sorry I was trying to be witty).  So tell me, how cool is this?


5 Responses to "Gilda’s Club"

How fun! Karaoke nights? Hahaha 🙂
I love that it’s all for free… and for the whole family – not just the patient.
Cancer – unfortunately – affects EVERYONE.
I’m reminded of the Celebrate Life Parties we used to throw at Kythe. Those were fun. It was like celebrating celebration itself. Remember Gilbert? Aww…

Anyway, I wonder if the I Can Serve Foundation here knows about Gilda’s Club or is thinking about setting up something similar.

oh my gosh!!! talk about the universe conspiring to make you feel better! that red door was a gift from your pops, fo shoor. whether or not you choose to go through it, he’s just letting you know help is around the corner.

kythe, of course! hay naku, kiki, next time you’re here, we should totally go and pay our respects to the clinic that helped create who we are today — naks.

Lala: Celebrate Life also came to mind. Would you believe I forgot what it was called?

You know, as Filipinos, our support groups are already so strong and so available that we do not feel the need to look outside for help. We even sometimes think of it as taboo. But I really hope we have something like Gilda’s Club back home.

Twinpopsis: I’d so like to think that the red door was a gift from Dinky Boy. Maybe I will go just to check it out. As I was telling Lala, we should have something like this back home. Maybe we can suggest to our friends at Kythe? Now that you mentioned it, we shoulda visited Kythe while I was there. Will make it happen in Feb when I visit. Uyy declaring!

yes! declare! declare!!!

[…] 1.  They can find a solution to make cancer treatments more affordable and accessible to the poor. They could also find a way to provide support to the families of those fighting cancer, a la Gilda’s Club. […]

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