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I Just Thought I’d Chair…

Posted on: May 14, 2009

I think that antique love bench I saw in Paulus Hook last weekend awoke some strange obsession in me because I’ve spent the last few nights doing nothing but googling chairs! Seriously! Now I really believe that chairs by itself can make a strong statement in a person’s design philosophy.  I think I’m just subconsciously “secret-ing” moving into a bigger space where I can decorate with reckless abandon!  Yes I do sound like a trying hard, frustrated artiste.  So this artist wannabe thought that you’d enjoy these chairs…

Check out this Hudson Armchair by Philippe Starck. He worked with this company called Emeco which makes furniture using recycled Aluminum.  I grabbed this photo from Design Within Reach. You should check them out. 


Cool no?

Cool no?

And look at how it goes so well with the wooden table also from DWR.  These are the same chairs without the arms and a brushed finish.




From this same website, I found this sleek wooden armchair.  I think mom will find inspiration from this design. It’s called the Juliana. It was designed by this Brazilian designer, Aristeu Pires and he uses sustainable hardwood from Brazil. 



This next one is my favorite. Still from DWR, it’s ideal for new york style (read: shoe box) spaces. Doesn’t Paul Smith come to mind? I love the laminate colors that’s applied on the plywood.  To make this ideal for small spaces, its legs are made of lightweight stainless steel tubes. Love it!


Doesn’t it just brighten up the room? 


I also found this vintage looking bench in Urban Outfitters.

Can you smell the amag? Haha!

Can you smell the amag? Haha!

Doesn’t this look like a bench you’d find in the basement of Forbes? I would consider putting it at the foot of my bed.  I also found these really cute folding chairs.  Again, inspiration for mom.  


Sorry, I couldn't find a way to enlarge this.

This next one is from Brocade Home.  I’d put it up there with the B-pop side chair (Paul Smith looking chair).  Doesn’t the quilt remind you of Chanel?  I really like this because its so understated, yet so bold, don’t you think?  Like me! Haha!  Sorry my BIDA slip was showing. 


But of course, I still have a soft spot for the Chelsea Wing Chair.  This design always reminded of Goldilock’s Papa Bear’s Chair. It brings back a lot of childhood memories so there is something very familiar and comforting about it. After all, this chair probably funded my european vacacion grande with you!  So this chair rocks beyond its classic, home-y design. I grabbed these photos from Pierce Martin


‘Yun lang…Just thought I’d chair (corny!)


3 Responses to "I Just Thought I’d Chair…"

Oh I love the “Chanel” block chair… It so matches the template of our blog hahahaha 😉 it does though!

oops… i posted this on the wrong post. so i’m reposting:

first outsider to comment!!!

i’m so so happy to find our parallel universe!!!

anyhoo, kiki, just wanted to say that great minds think alike. i’m having a very similar patchwork bench made for the foot of our bed!

twinpophub will be very happy that you’re now into chairs — now you can have more moments.

More moments! I’m not worthy!….haha!

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