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40 Thoughts 40 Days Later

Posted on: May 14, 2009

Christmas 2007

A few days before his 40th day, I got to thinking about Dinky Boy again… a lot of the sad things came to mind. So I figured, I should think about the more cheerful, inspiring, quirky things that make your Dad such a fixture in my personal history.

How about 40 random things for each day he’s been in Heaven? Here we go…

1. The smell of his car – cologne, smoke and I dunno what.
2. The way he’d love to sing Little Dummer boy… pah-ra-pah-pum-pum…
3. That corny joke he’d always tell at rallys about the watermelon that fell of the tricycle.
4. Him telling me how I should not stop eating meat because it IS what put us at the top of the food chain.
5. The fact that my picture was on his dresser mirror for years.
6. Him reminding me – even after college – that I would always be three.
7. How he’d always have his dinner brought upstairs when he’d come home late. Gambas comes to mind…
8. His Franklin digital dictionary gadget thingy.
9. Short maroon shorts.
10. Him telling me that he would never ever fly economy. It’s dirty and full of God knows what germs, he said.
11. Him telling me that if he ever HAD to fly coach he wouldn’t touch the food. Better to pack your own and secretly eat it in the bathroom.
12. All the duty free perfumes and make up he’d buy your mom.
13. How he NEVER stayed in our house in HK!! Si Mr. Hotel…
14. His early morning “dressing up” music… Abba… Elvis…Carpenters… Connie Francis…
15. Listerine
16. How he thought (and was concerned!) it was my mom who got kicked out of the Senate during the impeachment trial.
17. Him yanking on my pigtails/ponytails and making clucking-horse-move-your-ass sounds.
18. How proud and elated my dad was when we got news of his Assemblyman victory in 1984. We were in Wellington and my Dad threw me in the air.
19. His silly song for Rocio when she was a baby: taran-jing-tanjing-tanjing hahahahaha 😉
20. How he and JV strangely had the same taste in action movies.
21. Him coming up the stairs while I was the only one awake studying. Lord only knows where you and JV were ;p
22. The way his whole face would scrunch up when he’d laugh.
23. He once said to me, “That boy has something to prove. I knew it when I saw him drive. That’s not a good thing”.
24. The rows and rows of yellow shirts in his cabinet – though on the campaign trail he’d claim to have only one… politicians! 😉
25. When I was a kid, how he’d make me demonstrate to his friends how I saw my mom applying deodorant hahahaha!
26. I remember how cool it was to see him on TV – even if I had no clue what he was talking about.
27. How he’d greet and chat with people when we were out and have no clue who they were.
28. How he’d make fun of the way Luigi would shyly wave at him upon arriving at the house.
29. His sagging bulldog cheeks.
30. The “bangaw” mole below the corner of his eye.
31. His motorbiking. For a guy who hated to sweat, he sure loved to get his motor runnin’.
32. His greeting me with “Hey bebe!” and a wink…
33. His Ace black combs.
34. That he went to Hawaii after the revolution – amazing!!
35. Campaigning and always hoping people would think I was his daughter.
36. His weird weapons like the retractable stun gun… good grief! Poor Driver Jun.
37. Sitting in the gallery of the Batasang Pambansa feeling so proud that we was somewhere down there – a Congressman. Back when a Congressman was someone you could respect.
38. His love for ice cream.
39. When I was really little, I asked him why he’d always shake his glass of coke. For some reason, I heard “because the ice gets more”. But whenever I’d shake MY glass of coke, the ice NEVER got more!! Strange… the things that stay in the mind of a child…
40. He will always be the man who taught me really bastos Tagalog words and of course, how to flash a dirty finger.


2 Responses to "40 Thoughts 40 Days Later"

Wow Lala! That sure made me cry…I will share with the rest if you dont mind.

It’s all about the sharing…

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