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Come See My NeighborHOOK!

Posted on: May 11, 2009


Do you like my shirt?

To celebrate my return, I decided to have brunch in one of my favorite brunch places, The Light Horse Tavern. It’s a quaint little watering hole in an even quainter neighborhood, Paulus Hook.  It’s got a West Village vibe without the tourists and the discordant drunks stumbling out of pubs.  After an amazing meal I decided to enjoy the lovely spring day by taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood and this is what EYE saw…

Pretty brownstones all in a row.  That piece of paper I am holding is a tear sheet advertising the sale of this particular brownstone. If only that were money, not leaves, growing out of those branches on top of me.


I don’t know why but I always feel like I’m on Sesame Street waiting for Gordon and Susan to serve me a tall glass of iced tea when I sit on the steps of a brownstone.

Don't I just blend in with the door of this brownstone?

Don't I just blend in with the door of this brownstone?

I also came across what used to be a pattern maker I assume.  This pattern makers building is actually a house..a home! It’s supposed to have an enviable loft space with an artist’s studio and a huge garden inside! A garden?! Here??!!


Check out this antique love bench. It’s used as an accent at the front porch of one of the brownstone’s.


What about the intricate details in this door?


And here’s an even closer look…I should just let the picture speak for itself.

Do you think Murio can make this?

Do you think Murio can make this?

The best part about this neighborhood? It’s just one train stop away from the city! So you can enjoy the sort of suburban life (with birds chirping and all) while being a stone’s throw away from the cit-eh!!

A view of the Financial District in Downtown Manhattan

A view of the Financial District in Downtown Manhattan

Hope you had a great Mother’s Day! Tell me all about it!




5 Responses to "Come See My NeighborHOOK!"

Well looky who is all glowing back in her adopted “neighborhook”!
Nice shirt. The menu from the Tavern made me hungry punyeta!
Gordon and Susan… I’d be more starstruck seeing Bob and Maria ;p
Hey we should have E.Murio make that cute chair for the duendes hahahaha!

Oh you should try the lemon ricotta pancakes. Thank should be a post all by itslef…Yum! Show the picture to my mom and ask her to make for the duendes. Hahahaha!

first outsider to comment!!!

i’m so so happy to find our parallel universe!!!

anyhoo, kiki, just wanted to say that great minds think alike. i’m having a very similar patchwork bench made for the foot of our bed!

twinpophub will be very happy that you’re now into chairs — now you can have more moments.

I agree. All glowing back there in New Yohk! Somehow you don’t look as luminous.

This blog reminds of a similar blog I read. Have you ever heard of “twinpopsis” ? heeheehee…. Keep it up Kiki & Lala. I’m enjoying!

[…] we decided to do a leisurely ride to my favorite jersey neighborhood. Thought I’d share with you some amazing shots that I, of course, DID NOT have the patience […]

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