Kiki & Lala

Ground Zero

Posted on: May 1, 2009


Welcome to our new world, Lala!

I thought I’d take the initiative and get the ball rolling in this new “venture” since you seem to be busier than me.  I’ve been spending some time thinking about the raison d’etre of our correspondence.  After over-thinking (as usual) I decided, Eff It! I’m here and you’re there, let’s just write each other about anything that fancies us and anything we decide are worth sharing.  We live in two different and dynamic cities at the cusp of transformation, so why not share our own tales in these two cities?  A Tale of Two Cities? Yeah, yeah, blame it on the Chilean Chardonnay I’ve been sipping !

So why Kiki and Lala aka Little Twin Stars? Well we’ve obviously been cut from the same cloth and I’m not just talking about our sanguine affiliations. In some cosmic twist of fate, it came to pass that you and I WERE NOT born as twins but thrown into the same families and raised by these two inseparable and funky women we each call Mom. So twins we are yet twins we are not.  Given that you are the more maarte one, I hereby name you Lala.  And i will be Kiki – I can hear my father snickering from heaven : D Yeah yeah I’ll take one for the team and be the boy.

So tell me…where have you been? Who were you with? What did you eat and what did you see?




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