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With a rosary and a mini zohar in my pocket, I began my first tour.


3 hours and a few aches and sores after, I am proud to say that I finished  the bike tour! Golf clap. Golf clap.



 The experience was just amazing! The scenery was breathtaking: from the ocean, to farmlands, to forests. The second half of the tour was challenging as the route had unexpected hills which threw me off.  But with a lot of perseverance and the thought of having a big, delicious lunch after, I pedaled on to the finish line.  Special props goes to Alex who despite faulty shifters, gave me an unforgettable ride.  So please pay your respects now. 


After the ride, we decided to explore this seemingly sleepy town.  And what a town it turned out to be!


You get the same Hamptons feel without the new yohkers disturbing the peaceful hum of silence. 


I was especially taken by the lovely (and grand) houses by the beach.





Don’t these steps remind you of that Jack Nicholson-Diane Keaton movie?


 Still wearing my bike gear, I posed for some photos for shits and giggles.



And to cap off this great day, we went to lunch



So on our way to dinner one night, driving past a familiar tree lined street, we fancied an old colonial styled house.  Thought you’d appreciate some of it’s design details. 


In a town where home spaces are shrinking to NYC proportions, it’s refreshing to see an actual house (vintage) still standing.  I don’t know why but I like the stairs. leading to the upper part of the house. 




The side of the house. And look...another red door!

The side of the house. And look...another red door!


After what should have been considered trespassing, we discovered that this pretty little house is actually an extension to this building. 


Take a look at the details on top. Doesn’t the Bates Motel come to mind?


When you turn the corner, this brick building transforms into this.


From brick to brownstone.

From brick to brownstone.

 I find this courtyard in the brownstone so charming.  Whoever lives in this ground floor unit hit the jackpot with this courtyard.


Again, by living across the river, you can come home to peace and quiet while being a train ride away from the cit-eh! Plus you will always have this magnificent view to enjoy. It never gets old!


One Day…

Posted on: May 27, 2009

I’m not sure if I told you about the art of a certain Dominic Rubio that I hope to one day acquire.
There’s really no need to explain why…

Rubio 48 x 96 OC

I love the subdued pink sky! But I suppose it’s really the subject matter that touches me. His modern throwback to the romanticism of the 19th century could give any art “appreciator” whip lash. I literally held my breath the first time I laid eyes on these. The craning necks and the oversized heads are his way of expressing his wish that Asians – Pinoys especially – take pride in their heritage and hold their heads up high.

In contrast to the pink sky, here’s one with a hot orangey yellow sky…

Rubio_48 X 84 OC (102108)

But here is my true favorite because it represents so many things I love and believe in – the Philippines, breast feeding and baby wearing…

Rubio ,Mag -Ina, 30 X 24 OC.1

This will hang on a wall in MY house – one day…


This sweet looking elderly lady is not your typical granny.  For one, she really isn’t a granny.  She’s a nun. A nun literally on the run.  Sister Madonna Buder decided to take running as a sport in her late 40’s.  A priest told her that running could actually be a spiritual experience and an unconventional channel to be closer to God. As with any runner, one mile led to another and before she knew it, she was competing in Triathlons.  She took it a step further by joining the Iron Man in Hawaii!  All for the Greater Glory of God.  Check out this video about how she got started and why she actually does it. Very inspiring!

This is amazing for obvious reasons: here is an elderly woman who has pushed herself to the limit to do seemingly impossible things.  But I think more than this, she has proven that we can find God in non-church related activities.  She feels closer to God not just in the church or in a convent but in the hot concrete pavements when she runs or bikes and in the dark, cold waters when she swims.  For her, this endeavor captures the essence of life.   

As you know, on Saturday I will be joining the Tour de Cure.  


I’ll be riding close to 40 miles in the name of my father.  Since the unexpected happened, I really didn’t have the motivation to train for this event.  But I’m doing it because I told Dinky Boy that I would do it for him.  Also, I thought this could be a good venue to commune/converse with my dad who I miss terribly.  I actually was having second thoughts about this since I don’t think I am physically prepared. But when I stumbled across Sister Madonna’s story (would you believe while running in the treadmill?), I knew that this was a sign that I had to push through with the ride (don’t you love how I managed to be BIDA here?).  I found my mojo!  So wish me luck and I’ll tell ya all about it…IF I live to tell you all about it!

You must, must, must rush to the nearest supermarket and try Haagen-Dazs‘ new Reserve flavor.  Fleur de Sel Caramel is now my ice cream flavor du jour. The buzz lately has been all about Caramel Sea Salt, so Haagen-Dazs hopped on the band wagon and came up with this silky celebration of sea salt. It’s heaven in a pint!  Allow me to whet your taste buds.  Imagine this: Caramel ice cream, with ribbons of caramel and chocolate chunks.  Yummy right? Then imagine mini and subtle explosions of saltiness in your mouth.  Amazing! I’m not a caramel fan but the crisp saltiness of the sea salt neutralizes the sweetness of the caramel.  Lami-a gyud!

Since we’re in the topic of Fleur de Sel, I asked Little Twincriquet to bring home Fleur de Sel Caramel Macaroons and other yummy flavors from Laduree or Pierre Herme.  She is spending a few days in Paris after meeting her future(?) in-laws.

We must go back to Paris, Lala, if only for the macaroons and my obsession of the hour, Fleur de Sel everything!

Meet Mudpuppy…


It’s an award-winning brand of toys and games that are also available here – also thanks to a mompreneur. I discovered them during bazaar season in December. The toys are all very simple but you get attracted to them because they are designed by real artists. It’s hard to miss the fun and flair that accompanied the creative process.

So here are some of the things that I bought for my beautiful brats…

"Things That Go" Ring Flash Cards

I got this for Mik. It has really cool graphics of all modes of transportation. Each card has a candy colored back drop that looks almost good enough to eat. Then again, that’s exactly what my son first did to them. The back of each card has “guide questions” like, Who’s driving the taxi? Or how many stars are there on the bus? At first, I was like, Ohhhhh OK it’s for parents who don’t know how to talk to their babies and have no imagination whatsoever. But the mommy I bought it from actually had a great sales pitch. She touted the “guide questions” as an excellent prompt for yaya who may not know to strike up a conversation with her alaga.

This is what I got Ate. I just knew she’d love it.

Painter's Palatte Constructibles

Painter's Palatte Constructibles

In spite of all her kakikayan and rock star aspirations she gets tons of fun from creating structures composed of these colorful bits of card. And each piece comes with a fancier than usual name so she consciously learns what chartreuse and burgundy are. But without her realizing it, she’s also teaching herself the laws of physics.

Here is my most recent buy from the Expo Mom Bazaar.

Map Of The World Play Scene

Map Of The World Play Scene

I had been googling a kid-friendly map the week before so Cio could literally have a better view of the world but I couldn’t find one that suited my purpose – which was to show her where she’s been, where I’ve lived and where we plan to go. Then I saw this. You open it up and it’s a rather blank map of the world but it comes with reusable vinyl stickers and labels. So you get to label the continents, oceans and some countries.

So of course we put the Statue of Liberty sticker on the East Coast somewhere. (I cannot brag about the accuracy of it’s placing). We marked Brazil because Mommy’s been there. We stuck something on southern China to mark Hong Kong. We also put Big Ben on England. It is after all where Peter Pan and the Darling children took a quick breather on their way to Neverland. The only pisser is, the map kinda skips New Zealand!! So I just said, “Put a sticker of the very bottom right of Australia – that’s more or less where we used to live”. Argh. It was fun though and the thing is so portable I can’t complain. And we still have tons of stickers to use up.

Whatcha tink? Cute right? Or am I just a sucker?

Yes it sure does.

Diapers leave sizable carbon footprints considering they are made by the planet’s smallest human inhabitants. But thankfully, it is possible to help out Mama Earth even before potty training. Check out Earth’s Best Organic Diapers – now available in the Philippines! (Manila at least… through a Multiply vendor).


They are biodegradable and made of naturally absorbent materials like corn and wheat. They’re also perfume, dye, bleach and latex free. But what I like best is the price tag. The current brand of diapers I use comes to about P7.50 each. These are just P5.73 a piece! How can you beat that? It’s the kind of win-win that mommies can’t resist!

This is one diaper change I’m happy to make 🙂 BUT I’ll have to wait till the next shipment of XL arrives.

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